How 3DXMall connects global brands and malls with shoppers through AR

Today we are going to present an amazing personality Ms. Tatjana Stepanova and her inspirational journey and her new business concepts as the founder and CEO of 3DXMall. She is a focused personality who has exclusive knowledge of the current market. Let’s learn more about how she started her business and deal with the challenges.

Tatjana Stepanova is a serial entrepreneur having focused the last 3 years on the virtual technology area. She grew up in Lithuania and studied abroad economy business and teaching. In 2011 she moved to Dubai where her corporate journey began.

Tatjana has worked in a few senior positions leading programs in exclusive projects such as UAE Space Agency, Expo 2020 Dome and Districts, Ikea Jebel Ali, and W Hotel Palm few to name. She has also consulted government entities.

In 2020 Tatjana dived into technology such as Artificial Intelligence and 3D Modeling. In 2021 Tatjana founded 3DXMall and is currently focused on developing the platform and supportive services in 3D, AR, and VR.

What is your company name and contacts?


Who are the founders and co-founders of the company?

Ms. Tatjana Stepanova is the sole founder and CEO of 3DXMall.

A complete journey about the company? When you have started, how and where?

I grew up in a small city in Lithuania and always dreamed about international shopping. Online shopping back then was still rising, even today it is still limited to flat images and videos and no possibility to interact with a product before you buy, which makes shopping online difficult. In 2020, mid-Covid-19 lockdown, all of us dreamed to go out home and go shopping, while all malls and stores were closed or had limited visit capacity.

We live in the UAE, home to at least 70 shopping malls. The idea of 3DXMall was born here. We started with researching problems and virtual technologies to solve them, and eventually, we came up with the right solution where consumers can shop in 3D and AR using nothing but their mobile phones, at the same time we drive shoppers to the malls and stores and support the retail economy. We are planning to launch a full version of the 3DXMall application in 2023.

The journey of the founder and co-founders?

I was always passionate about consumer behavior and startups. My career since I moved to Dubai involved people and assets management. I worked hard and was fortunate to be selected to work on special projects like Expo 2020, UAE Space Agency, and Ikea Jebel Ali few to name. In 2019 a local startup invited me to join tech development and this is where I found my true passion – building products. In 2021 I left my corporate career to start working on my own project.

In 2022 I started the company 3DX Technologies, which develops the 3DXMall platform app and provides services in 3D, AR, and VR. Today we work with governments, and global brands and are looking forward to launching the 3DXMall app to connect consumers with local, regional and international shopping.

Who are your customers? And have you supplied it to anyone? What is the feedback?

3DXMall is for all. Yes, by “all” we mean all – Consumers and Businesses. Our primary stakeholders are Shoppers, Brands, Retail Groups, and Mall Operators. When we did the initial user testing, the feedback was great. “I’ve seen anything like this before. It’s fun” we heard very often.

6. What support do you need from the public and customers?

The support we want from our customers is to Sign up, try, use, and share the 3DXMall app.

7. Is there any breakeven?

The second year of operations.

8. Your website and social media pages. (live soon)

Instagram: 3dxmall

Linkedin: 3dxmall

9. Are you looking for investors? If yes then how much?

We are looking for investors interested in tech and the future of shopping. The minimum ticket of investment we seek is US $100,000.

10. Message to your customers and viewers

3DXMall was created by customers for customers, so everyone can shop with fun, confidence, convenience, and real practical benefits. Follow us to stay updated about the 3DXMall public launch!

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