Injeel Moti – Founder & Managing Director of Catch Communications – A Creative Content Consultancy

In the dynamic realm of media and marketing, where innovation thrives and creativity knows no bounds, Catch Communications has emerged as a pinnacle. Established in 2018 by Injeel Moti, this Dubai-based powerhouse transcends the ordinary by crafting narratives that resonate in the digital age. As a full-service integrated consultancy catering to both corporate and consumer sectors across the GCC, Catch Communications stands at the forefront of impactful storytelling.

Join Injeel Moti, the managing director and founder of Catch Communications, as she shares the story of the company’s success, which is characterized by the skill of connecting, working together, and communicating.

With 8 years of extensive specialization in public relations, strategic counsel, and marketing, the professional voyage of Injeel Moti spans the domestic media area. She formed the seeds of Catch in 2018 right from the comfy confines of her bedroom. Her amazing portfolio is studded with prosperous consultation with well-known brands such as Al Ghurair Retail, Kerry MENAT, Lego, Birkenstock, D1 Milano, and Gates Hospitality, to name a few.

Injeel Moti proficiency across diverse backgrounds has been instrumental in shaping the distinctive approach of the consultancy within the industry. Initially concentrating on public relations during its inception, Catch underwent a strategic shift in response to the evolving communication landscape and the challenges presented by the COVID-19 pandemic. Embracing increased digitization, the company adjusted its focus to address the necessity for brands to effectively involve customers across several touchpoints.

Presently, Catch Communications seamlessly integrates diverse marketing mediums, encompassing a strong social media presence, impactful content creation, influencer collaborations, and engaging event activations. The team’s agility in adapting to the evolving communication landscape has enabled them to meet the dynamic demands of the industry effectively, providing valuable assistance to clients across various domains.

Catch Communications continuously positioned itself at the forefront of industry innovation by keeping a close eye on new trends and technology. According to Injeel Moti, the company’s success may be attributed to the deliberate integration of youthful, tech-savvy individuals who are constantly aware of the ever-changing social media landscape. This committed staff makes sure they stay up to date on new advancements, trends, and apps, which promotes a culture of lifelong learning within the firm.

Furthermore, the Catch team regularly convenes for weekly meetings, creating a platform to identify and seamlessly incorporate emerging trends into client strategies. Injeel Moti highlights that Catch actively embraces advancements such as artificial intelligence, integrating tools like ChatGPT into their operations. 

Catch Communications presents a distinctive full-circle communication approach, seamlessly merging conventional PR strategies with digital and experiential methods to deliver optimal results for clients. Operating as a boutique consultancy, they serve as an attachment to their clients’ teams. Through one-on-one sessions, they deeply engage to comprehend the client’s company situation and goals.

In describing the team’s methodology, she elucidates that they adhere to a personalized approach involving meticulous analysis. This analysis discerns whether the client is an appointed brand desiring standard engagement or a young business moving into a new market. Acknowledging that a one-size-fits-all solution is inadequate, the agency customizes its counsel based on the distinctive necessities and objectives of each client. This tailored approach ensures that each client stands out from the competition.

In reaction to the global influence of the COVID-19 pandemic in 2020, Injeel Moti introduced Catch Academy as an adjunct to Catch Communications. This initiative is dedicated to empowering individuals through specialized training in essential marketing skills. Initially conceived as a four-week course tailored for brands, its scope later extended to comprise students and in-house marketing specialists. The central objective of this program is to provide individuals with the expertise needed to adeptly navigate the intricacies of self-marketing. This encompasses various aspects, from engaging with media and managing social media pages to setting associations with influencers.

With firsthand knowledge of the difficulties startups encounter, Catch Communications, functioning as an entrepreneurial organization, has devised a distinctive strategy to cater to the publicity requirements of emerging businesses. Recognizing the financial limitations usually related to startups, the team initiated Catch Startup—an endeavor crafted to offer cost-effective yet impactful publicity packages. Drawing from their own experiences as a startup, the team deeply appreciates the significance of not only conveying a brand’s message but doing so in a highly effective manner.

In a market inundated with new brands surfacing daily, Injeel Moti acknowledges that many emerging brands operate within constrained marketing budgets compared to their larger counterparts. To address this, Catch Communications provides customized bundled packages specifically designed for these businesses. The approach entails counseling startups through their starting three months, placing a significant emphasis on brand building. Subsequently, strategies are adjusted to either amplify brand awareness or prioritize lead generation, ensuring a tailored and effective marketing approach for each client.

Furthermore, Catch employs an integrated fee arrangement that automatically categorizes corporations aged 14 months or younger as startups. This unique pricing model aligns seamlessly with the financial considerations of emerging brands. Injeel Moti proudly asserts that this strategy has not only fostered the maturation of several startups but has event garnered favorable reactions, making it extremely remarkable work for Catch Communications.

Contemplating a pivotal moment in her career, Injeel Moti underscores the intricacies of managing people and the ongoing pursuit of assembling the right team and clients. Given that their business centers around people, aligning values becomes paramount, acknowledging the reciprocal exchange between what individuals bring to work and what the organization provides in return.

In her role as the managing director of Catch Communications, Injeel Moti adheres to the philosophy of leading by example. Recognizing that a leader’s attitude establishes the tone for the entire group, she strives to retain a high grade of energy and devotion with the crew. 

Catch places a premium on fostering a creative flow in its operations. Despite being a youthful organization, they actively seek team members characterized by accountability, fearlessness in communicating thoughts, and a verbal mindset.

The diligent and open office environment fosters continuous communication and idea-sharing, establishing a space where everyone feels empowered to actively contribute.

Catch proudly serves a diverse clientele, ranging from fashion brands to beauty, hospitality, tech, finance, and more. Injeel Moti takes pride in its collaboration with female-founded brands and concepts. Within a mere five years of operation, Catch has represented and supported over 30 female-founded brands. This broad spectrum includes anything from home-based companies to fashion names from different markets making their UAE debut.

As Catch Communications envisions the future, its primary goals and aspirations revolve around substantial expansion in the corporate division. The initial five years of their journey were noteworthy, with an initial focus on consumer brands followed by the establishment of a corporate division. The forthcoming five years are set for additional growth in the corporate sector, with a specific focus on niche sites such as fintech, web3, and healthcare.

Injeel Moti is enthusiastic about expanding operations to her home country, Saudi Arabia, while simultaneously extending the service offerings and experience to other GCC markets.

Catch Communications remains dedicated to navigating the ever-evolving communications landscape, consistently elevating its clients to unprecedented heights.

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