JAY Foodstuff Trading LLC Dubai: Game Changer in the Food Industry

Anil Yadav is the founder of JAY Foodstuff Trading LLC Dubai. JAY Foodstuff is a trading company formed to create a marketplace for buyers and suppliers. They serve their clients with great urgency and make sure we deliver on time. They are fully committed to our suppliers and adhere to minimizing their issues whether it’s logistic support, financial assistance, or yearly commitment. 

They understand their existing and potential clients’ (buyers) requirements i.e., FOREX issues, list of documents, quality of products, quantity, delivery on time, mode of payments. JAY Foodstuff has an experienced procurement team located in various parts of the globe. It enables them to succeed in today’s global marketplace and keep ahead of their competitors.

JAY Foodstuff deals with fruits, vegetables, Soybean seeds (human & animal consumption), Yellow maize, Wheat flour (Refined and Chakki fresh), rice, grains, Ghee, etc.

JAY Foodstuff stands on Trust, Transparency, and Accountability. JAY Foodstuff has started in 2021 in Dubai, with a vision of creating a marketplace wherein small suppliers can also become international exporters.  

Anil’s got a master’s degree in mass communications from England and a Postgraduate Diploma in Business management. As a result of living abroad for many years, he’s become acutely aware of the high standards that the international markets hold for food, products, and their ingredients. 

He always had a passion for the food industry as his ancestors were farmers and thus was always exposed to the basics of this business. So, he decided to embark on the food industry and formed a JAY Foodstuff trading company.

Apart from the JAY Foodstuff, Anil has worked with several organizations in different domains, like Faber & castle (FMCG ), Ogilvy & Mather (Global Advertising Agency), Solitaire (Real Estate Organisation), and so on.

As a founder, formed their company on Trust, Transparency, and Accountability. They believe that they can promote their core values to the existing and upcoming aspiring business individuals, which outlasts them as founders and continues to grow even after they have retired.

Their clients are wholesalers and retailers. They have supplied their products, and they have got overwhelming responses and feedback from their clients. They are committed to supplying quality products and maintaining the demand and supply curve in the UAE market.

They are soon going to launch their online portal wherein fresh fruits and vegetables, and grocery items are available at a very competitive price at your doorstep, surely their end users would have an amazing experience while using their services. They will keep updating people about their services through social media handles.   
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