Jumbo Group: Your Personal Tech Guide in Dubai

In short, after the UAE was established, Manu Chhabria formed Jumbo as one of the first tech retail and distribution businesses in the nation and was also the first to inaugurate Sony in the United Arab Emirates that following year.

Vidya Chhabria, now working as chairperson of the multi-billion-dollar group, took over the corporation after her husband died in 2002 and has led it to become one of the biggest customer electronic distributors in the region while also making sure that moral practices are strictly followed.

The group, which hires more than 2,000 people, has extended to comprise a corporate division that has partnered with Microsoft, Cisco, IBM, and Huawei, amongst others, also a 3D manufacturing division spread across a 60,00 square feet facility.

The Jumbo Group is now the biggest consumer electronics distributor, telecom, and IT in west Asia. This is the biggest distributor of Sony products on the globe. Leaving the regular operating of the business to managers, Vidya spends maximum time in Dubai emirate, though she visits Mumbai sometimes.

The maintenance discipline closest to her heart is HR growth, particularly in cases of growth, training, and encouragement. She usually tells her friends that any corporation is just as able as its people. An avid traveler and reader, Vidya is recognized to be fond of Indian cuisine and music. With Mallya becoming a friendly neighbor, Vidya sure would have time to indulge in her hobbies.

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At Jumbo, they are sincere about technology and even more sincere about building the trust of their clients. Certain things signal the dawn of a new age such as the process that Jumbo indicated into the United Arab Emirates more than 40 years ago. Guided by the philosophy of the founder and described by their varied portfolio skills, and unique strengths, they have developed from strength to strength over the last 4 decades.

Through effective integration, they set the target to form a future where everybody has to reach the most suitable that the globe can give. They believe in the importance of long-term rapports – precisely why their brands, clients, workers, and associates have been their long-standing and would remain with them in their march towards a brighter and bigger tomorrow.

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