Kashif Thakkur Towards Giving Exceptional Financial Solutions

Kashif Thakkur is the Chief Executive Officer of the Middle East and Africa for NEXXO. Kashif is an experienced industry expert with great specialization. He is getting ample business development purposes in many markets. Mr. Thakkur is also a board member for many prime Private Equity entities in the sector.

Mr. Kashif is a strategic planner who has outstanding experience in making and using business methods for increased sales volume, business growth, and market penetration. Moreover, he possesses a degree of MBA in marketing. Kashif also has experience in fintech, digitization, banking & payment solution, and more.

Mr. Thakkur is a certified Blockchain and Fintech expert with exceptional knowledge in giving financial solutions. As the CEO of the Middle East and Africa for NEXXO, he is assisting clients to get trusted resolutions with his team. He and his team at NEXXO assist corporations to complete their financial requirements in rising markets internationally. NEXXO is also visible on social media forums at LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, and Instagram.

NEXXO is a multinational financial services corporation that gives the financial requirements of small and micro business units in rising markets throughout the world. Their existence in Qatar is the most visual. They are already formed as the biggest fintech in the market, with around a quarter of a million clients and 25,000 SMEs. They execute more than 4.3 billion Qatari Riyals in payments volume annually.

Ever since the pandemic, customer behavior has taken a remarkable transformation towards digital and contactless payments. Due to this, the payments terrain in the sector and specifically in the United Arab Emirates has seen many new players in this area. Most of this fintech has done a better job of shining a product or a resolution, and their business models sound to be rotating around putting that concept into the market.  

On the flip side, they have a wholly distinct method and, in regulation, are against pushing products. Rather, their value recommendation circles around making resolutions targeted towards small corporations’ pain points and unmet requirements. As a result, they end up arranging their clients with a range of financial resolutions that not just assist them to digitize payments but also, with the deployment of their advanced indigenous technology, make their regular life much easier.

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