Kelvin George – Crafting Couture: Kelvcombs Juggle fashion Entrepreneurship Journey

In the bustling world of fashion, where creativity and innovation reign supreme, there emerges a visionary force, Kelvin George. As the founder of Kelvgeorge Innovations, a dynamic and trailblazing fashion-wear company, Kelvin has embarked on a remarkable journey that has reshaped the way we perceive and experience style. With an unquenchable passion for design and a relentless pursuit of excellence, his story is one of artistic evolution, dedication, and the relentless drive to make fashion not just a statement, but a reflection of one’s inner self. Join us as we delve into the inspiring narrative of Kelvin George, the driving force behind the revolution in fashion.

What is your company name and contacts?

My company’s name is Kelvin George Innovations a.k.a Kelvcombswears 

Address: 30 Bishop Oluwole Victoria Island, Lagos Nigeria.

Who are the founders and co-founders of the company?

The founder’s name is Kelvin N. George

A complete journey about the company? how and where Kelvin George has started,

Our journey began in 2017, a pivotal year that marked the birth of our company. At its inception, our operations were centered around catering to the sartorial needs of our close-knit circle of family and friends. This marked the genesis of our venture.

In those early days, the process was as grassroots as it gets. I would personally take measurements from our clients, venture into the bustling fabrics market to handpick the choicest materials, and source all the necessary elements required for our creations.

The actual craftsmanship took place in the heart of Obalende, situated within the vibrant enclave of Ikoyi, Lagos. This was no ordinary task; it often involved enduring the unforgiving rays of the sun. I would painstakingly cut, glue, iron, and stitch the garments, with some projects spanning a day’s work while others extended to two days.

To make things even more challenging, I had to share a sewing machine with a friend at the time. Frequently, we found ourselves at the mercy of power outages, with no generator at our disposal. These obstacles tested our patience and resolve, but my unwavering passion for fashion made every hurdle surmountable.

What’s even more remarkable is that during this period, many of these creations were delivered with very little or no financial gain, apart from the compensation provided to cover the cost of the fabrics. It was a labor of love, a testament to our dedication to the art of fashion, and a stepping stone to the extraordinary journey that lay ahead.

The journey of founder and co-founders?

Founder – My journey into the world of fashion began in a rather unconventional way. After two frustrating years of job hunting within the marine industry, I found myself at a crossroads. Frustrated and unsure of my next steps, I decided to seek advice from a friend.

It was during this pivotal conversation that my life took a new direction. My friend suggested that I explore my passion for fashion, a world I had always admired but never ventured into. With this newfound inspiration, I started making regular trips to the Apapa area of Lagos, a hub of fashion and creativity.

There, I came across a prominent fashion designer who had a profound impact on my journey. I initiated a conversation with this designer and, after some deliberation, decided to register with his company. This marked the beginning of my formal education in the fashion industry.

Over the course of two years, I dedicated myself to learning the fundamentals of the fashion business. I honed my skills, from the very basics of design to mastering the art of sketching, cutting, and sewing. Each day brought new knowledge and creativity, and it was an incredibly rewarding experience.

Upon my graduation, I emerged with a newfound passion and an array of skills that would later define my own unique path in the fashion industry. My journey, starting from the frustrations of a job seeker to becoming a fashion innovator, is a testament to the power of pursuing one’s true passions and never underestimating the potential for personal transformation. And as for the rest, they say, it’s history in the making.

Who are your customers? And have you supplied it to anyone? What is the feedback?

My customers are everyday fashion lovers or people, from the middle class, captains of industry, celebrities, music artist, etc. of industry who finds my fashion wears interesting enough to patronize. but most especially to any fashion lover who can afford my service. Some designs and styles are only meant for very special clients as I use very expensive fabrics and materials to make them.

I have supplied a film director for a movie premiere, to a Nollywood actor for an award, and the feedback was 100% even at a very short order and notice.

What support do you need from the public and customers?

I need referral support from customers who have either used my service or find my fashion wear fascinating to patronize to refer to others, the public by means of engagement across the web, by means of reposting, or comment or emoji engagement.

Is there any breakeven?

I think I have had a breakeven period of three months when I temporarily left my usual surroundings to secure the necessary financing for business expansion.

Your website and social media pages. 

My website –  

Social media:

Facebook @kelvcombswears

Instagram: @kelvcombswearz

Tiktok: Kelvcombswears 

Twitter: Kelvcombswears

Google: kelvcombswears 

Are you looking for investors? If yes then how much?

Yes, $13,000

Message to your customers and viewers

I make exceptional fashion wears from local to international, with unique identity tag from authentic fabrics and materials that gives every customer image leverage, meaning even when you get to pick from a particular en vogue design I make yours different. My delivery is very prompt from when you make your order even on an impromptu order.

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