Ala Shehadeh Providing Amazing Solutions In The Middle East 

Ala Shehadeh is the Managing Director at LAPP ME, an international administrator in manufacturing high-tech cables and supplements. Ala is a creative businessman who concentrates on making an effect with his specialization and LAPP ME. He is a universal and outcome-focused businessman with more than 15 years of experience in an international business climate.

Ala is a father of 2 and has extensive experience in the sector of technical engineering, sales management, sales, and business evolvement. Together with the skilled team of experts at LAPP ME, Ala set the target to power their status in the Middle East Market. In collaboration with Ala, the corporation concentrates on stable energy and advanced industrial solutions. The corporation also maintains a social media presence on LinkedIn.

Explain the background of you and your company 

I’m Ala, 38 years oil, and a father of 2 children. I took the liability of the Managing Director at LPP Cables Middle East in January 2021. My journey started 15 years back as a technical engineer and then shifted to the industry of sales, business evolvement, and sales management. Recently, I’m performing with a very proficient team in LAPP, the Middle East, to power the brand status in the Middle East market, concentrating on stable energy and advanced industrial solutions. LAPP is supplying the sector for 20 years through its partners. Therefore, the management determined to appoint a provincial headquarters in the Dubai emirate, United Arab Emirates.

By forming the office in the MENA, management has enhanced the obtainability to make sure that the needed product fulfills the requirements of the client. This conclusion is formed to extend into the Middle East market with a natural passage for the corporation. We recognized a robust requirement for our cabling resolutions because of the recent boom in the industrial and structure industries in the region.

Today LAPP ME completes the diverse market or industrial components, comprising automation, DCP, steel & aluminum, vital infrastructure, water treatment plants, and F&B. We are also performing on giving the best services that give external products as a part of an assignment package. LAPP ME is situated in the head office of Dubai Silicon Oasis, an internationally acknowledged comprehensive, contemporary technology park.

What do you think is the biggest strength of yourself and your company right now?

We would systematically follow the objective of securely connecting the world. We would constantly represent trustworthiness and quality in a vibrant international market climate with the solutions and services concerned with the requirements of the clients. We do not only offer trusted power and data links. Human interaction also plays a vital part at LAPP. We promote a civilization of supervising. We take on difficulties that our clients have problems solving alone.

How did you and your company get where you are today? 

As the international LAPP unit, we’re reorienting ourselves and leaving no one behind – neither our clients nor our workers. We are performing together in line with the LAPP motive Think Global – Act Local, while also utilizing the advantages given by our eclectic company framework.

We at LAPP strive hard to give our local clients our products and services that are in line with their local requirements. Moreover, we constantly line up our strategy with our client’s requirements. We have evolved a remarkable set of offering that match the local requirements with our renowned international quality.

What are the biggest challenges you have to overcome?

The globe we live in has remarkably revived in current years and has become more and more complicated. The market become more explosive, uncertainly, complex, and ambiguous than ever. For our corporation and our sector, it means that we need to adjust adaptable to evolvements hence we can remain successful and sustainable in the long run.

On the flip side, our regular task is becoming more adaptable, agile, and above all, more digital. This has profound consequences during our lives and on our movements. Growing complications need us to describe a direction in which we would constantly shift together as LAPP Middle East in line with our LAPP unit system.

Tell us about a project that forced you to be innovative and creative

The globe is transforming, and so are the international sectors and markets. What is yet flourishing today, like the market penetration of OLFLEX in conventional markets and components, machine tool formation, can already become a thing of the past tomorrow. The mega-trends are influencing the requirements of our clients, and we as well, wish to align ourselves consequently.

How do you envision the company changing in two years, and how will you lead the change?

I see the industry is shifting toward digitization. In LAPP ME, we are concentrating on our digitization method. We are directing several internal productively rising assignments while starting our E-shop that would be one of a type in the Middle East Industrial Market. Our clients would always advantage from advanced technologies and amazing solutions that concentrate on giving a value-adding SOLUTION, not a product.

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