Lulu Group International: Cutting-Edge Solution For Retail Market

The legendary Mr. Yusuffaly M A is the founder of the LuLu Group International and a businessman and included in several social, humanitarian, and charitable activities both in Gulf nations and India. He is a UAE-based Indian businessman and billionaire. His formations recently hire over 500,00 people from all around the world.

Now he is the Managing Director of LuLu Group International owns the LuLu Hypermarket chain globally and LuLu International shopping mall. With an annual turnover of US$7.4 billion, Lulu Group International employs a vast score of Indian residents outside India. As per the Forbes Middle East, Yusuffali was ranked No.1 in the best 100 Indian businessmen in the Arab World 2018.

His sharp vision of business and strategic mind has developed enterprising development schemes for the Group and made sure their implementation via a group of people who share his purpose and energy. Headquartered in Abu Dhabi, the Group is the best recognized in the Gulf through a chain of famous shopping malls and Hypermarkets which act the broadest segments of multi-racial nationals in the region.

The Lulu Group International is a greatly miscellaneous partnership with successful business units in strategic spots globally. The Group has become a major supporter of the Gulf regions’ economic reputation worth USD 8 billion. This is a world-renowned provider of a global solution that ranges from hypermarket functions to shopping mall growth, trading and manufacturing raw materials, real estate, and hospitality equipment. LuLu Group majorly functions in 22 nations based throughout the Middle East.

lulu-international group

The LuLu Group, with its 57,000 plus robust workforce from 42 distinct countries. Besides his busy business engagement, Yusuffali is highly active on the social front and is connected with many entities. The culmination of his career came when he was unanimously elected by the UAE business community as the Director Board member of the Abu Dhabi Chamber of Commerce and Industry.

Their vision is to really become a worldwide retail brand by sustaining the No.1 status in the help retail industries of the regions its conducts in and aspire to be the desired employer for its multi-racial base. The mission of the Group is to give a unique shopping experience to consumers with unmatched value in cases of services and products quality, while constantly analyzing new market possibilities and counting worth to all its business partners. The LuLu Group always aspires to comply with moral business methods in all globes of activities from resourcing of products from all over the globe to selling those at a very reasonable cost throughout stores.

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