Mahdi Hanna Helping Customers with Quality Services

Mahdi Hanna is the Owner and Director of Specialized Concrete Repairs and Strengthening Works at VENUS Engineering. With extreme experience in the construction sector, Mahdi and his corporation ae the target to give the most suitable services to the customers with improved quality, value, and durability.

He began his own corporation to complete his dreams and place his desires into action. His corporation concentrates on giving. Mahad thinks this is vital to have trusted staff to get the targets. That is why he thinks the human asset is necessary for business accomplishment.

Mahad is greatly enterprising, bright, and patient as he thinks these aspects assist business development and stability. That is what maintains his corporation paving the path to success. VENUS Engineering has also existence on Instagram, LinkedIn, and Facebook.

VENUS Engineering was formed in 2017 in the Dubai emirate to deal with concrete repairs, restoration, reinforcement, and remodeling for different kinds of residential, commercial, and industrial buildings in the United Arab Emirates. VENUS has formed a high prestige for assignment accomplishment, completing the requirements of a number of clients. VENUS functions have evolved great-performance processes governed by a Quality Control Manual – that completes the specific requirements of minimum disturbance dust noise problem throughout functions to sustain a secure work climate.

At VENUS, they have a strict Safety and Health policy that removes the hazard of construction risks. They have a huge knowledge of construction ways utilizing the most advanced methodologies as per international norms and codes. This comprises the selection of materials that can make sure their choice to give their clients the most suitable services in cases of removing the cost within the budget and time consuming for accomplishment.

VENUS has a well-formed corporation and can work in a different array of specializations for public and private sector assignments. They give construction services on commercial frameworks, residential assignments, and all ways of human livable places and frameworks. They give high-quality, professional construction services in a comprehensive range of areas.

The target in VENUS Engineering is to increase and develop the services they are giving to their clients in cases of quality, reliability, and value. They are eager about their staff maintaining them very lose to their desire, trusting in their capability to provide their best to their customers.

They aren’t just looking to satisfy their clients’ needs, but they always look after them to maintain in connection with them in their future assignments. Each assignment they are executing is a success story for them. Their target is to give the most suitable services to their precious clients at all times.

Their complete desire focuses on investing in human beings, which are the true value to sustain speedy development. They are where are today due to the appropriate selection of professionals, a healthy climate, and management assistance to all members to sustain constant learning and evolvement.

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