Mango Season is Back! 7 Must-Try Mango Desserts in Dubai 

During the summer, mangoes are in season. And if you adore mangoes which I am sure you do, you will not have any second way. Since it’s summer, this is the right time to indulge in some cool, tasty, and mouthwatering mangoes. And nothing beats mango desserts! Here are a few of the best mango desserts you have to try this summer and all you have to know about them.

Mango Dessert PLATER – Dhaba Lane 

Feast yourself on the crowded tropical flavor of mango with this wonderful Mango platter. Dhaba Lane gives you a proper mango dessert platter available only this summer. This mango platter comprises – Mango Kulfi, Mango Phirni, and Mango Rasmalai. You can order the mango desserts ala carte as well. This platter would delight all your mango and sweet desires.

Mango Kunafa – 24 St Dusit Thani 

Blending the integrity of Mango and Kunafa, 24 St provides you with a delectable mango Kunafa. The yummies of a mango and the crisp sweetness of a Kunafa are the ideal mix. This Kunafa is beautifully decorated with fresh mango pieces, mango puree, and crunchy pistachios. If you value Kunafas and mangoes it is the best dish for you.

Mango Ice Cream – Popeyes Chicken 

Missing the times when McDonald’s ice cream was only AED1? Popeyes Chicken gets you something different, a mango ice cream that is delectable, soft, tasty, and only for AED1. This tasty ice cream is very good you will sense like having another. A mango ice cream that is tasty and inexpensive, what a deal! This is obtainable just for some time so don’t take so much time and enjoy this yummy ice cream.

Mango Menu – Jehangirs 

Jehangirs is an advanced Mughlai Cuisine restaurant that has a particularly delicious Mango Menu with yummy treats. This menu is loaded with soft, creamy, and tasty flavors of mangoes that you will never ignore. This comprises – Mango Milkshake, Aamrakhand, Mango Mousse Cake, Aamras Poori, Malai Kulfi, and more. Apart from a mango-loaded menu; this restaurant also gives a Mango Master cooking class for young and vibrant chefs and home culinarians. So, while delighting in a yummy mango sweet you can also know the way of making the dish at the moment.

Mango Sticky Rice – Fuchsia 

If you love Thai cooking and conventional Thai desserts Mango Sticky rice, you will adore this restaurant. Fuchsia is a genuine Thai restaurant that gives you the real taste of that cuisine with different genuine Than dishes with a flavor that is out of this world, you should try this amazing dish. The sweetness of the mango and how this is mixed with the rice is a divine mix.

Everything Mango – Mango Tango Café 

As the name shows, the café provides you everything mango. They have an inventive menu that is loaded with mangoes, and you can get various sorts of mango-flavored sweet desserts and dishes. If you are in the mood for Mangoes but do not know which dessert to try, then it is the right spot! From mango ice cream, Mango floats, and Mango milkshakes. This spot is a dream that turns into reality for mango lovers.

Mango Dishes – Bhukkad Café 

Bhukkad Café is a delightful, bizarre, and cheery café that is remarkably formed. They have a quite inventive menu with remarkable food dishes that you have never attended prior. The café, in this mango season, gets you a complete mango menu with several tasty and amazing dishes. This mango menu comprises – Mango sandwich, cream, Mastani, Aam fuljhari soda, and Aamras puri. This café would ensure you a better time and let you know that mangoes can never be too many. This mango menu is obtainable for a limited duration only so, take the pleasure now.

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