Ministry of Energy and Infrastructure Recognizes Partners of ‘Manzili’ Housing Initiative  

Suhail bin Mohammed Al Mazrouei, the Minister of Energy and Infrastructure, highlighted the Ministry’s dedication to delivering high-quality services aligned with the goals and desires of the UAE’s leadership and its citizens.

He expressed these sentiments during a ceremony organized today to acknowledge the contributions of partners involved in the Manzili housing initiative. This initiative was recently approved by the UAE Cabinet, reflecting its importance and impact on the community. The event served to recognize and appreciate the collaborative efforts of various stakeholders who are instrumental in advancing the objectives of the Manzili initiative across the country.

The Manzili housing initiative provides 18 different services to citizens, all made possible through partnerships with 24 government entities, both federal and local. This initiative aims to simplify the process for citizens seeking housing assistance by reducing the number of involved government offices from 11 to just 1. Likewise, the number of required documents has been minimized from 10 to only 2. Procedures that previously involved 14 steps have been streamlined to just 3, and the types of services provided have been narrowed down from 32 to 5 essential categories.

During the ceremony, representatives from various government entities were present to celebrate the success of this pioneering initiative. Minister Al Mazrouei expressed gratitude to these partners for their crucial role in making the Manzili initiative a reality. He emphasized that such achievements are possible only through strong collaboration among all stakeholders involved.

He stated,

“The Ministry of Energy and Infrastructure, represented by the Sheikh Zayed Housing Program, takes great pride in actively participating in government efforts to improve housing. We understand the difficulties our citizens face when trying to find suitable housing, so we developed the Manzili bundle. This initiative consolidates a variety of housing services into one accessible platform, making it simpler for individuals to access the assistance they need. Manzili marks a significant advancement in our commitment to providing stable and comfortable homes for families across the UAE.

These new services are part of our ongoing efforts to streamline our processes and adopt digital transformation. By incorporating technological solutions, we aim to improve the effectiveness and accessibility of our services in the future.”

The Minister highlighted the importance of recognizing partners as a way to demonstrate the Ministry’s commitment to working closely with all stakeholders to achieve its goals effectively. He emphasized,

“We are enthusiastic about deepening our collaborative efforts to integrate innovation and sustainability into every aspect of our operations. Our partners play a critical role in bringing forward innovative solutions for our initiatives, and we are keen to leverage their strengths to achieve greater success in the future. By joining forces with our partners, we are actively developing new initiatives that not only enhance the quality of life for our citizens but also contribute to advancing environmental and economic sustainability goals.”

The minister highlighted that partnership honor is not just about acknowledging assistance but also about promoting a vibrant and cooperative strategy that forces constant improvement and meaningful impact across the Ministry’s efforts.

At the conclusion of the ceremony, the partners thanked the Ministry of Energy and Infrastructure for their appreciation and expressed their commitment to further assisting government initiatives that promote sustainable development in the UAE. They appreciated the Ministry’s gesture and pledged to continue their support in building a more sustainable future for the country.

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