Mari Chirinashvili – Introducing GCC to the Polestar Pilates Education Experience

Mari Chirinashvili has been helping hundreds of people to transform their journey. She strives to provide an environment that is both challenging as well as fun. Her own journey of transformation made her become the founder of the Connect Pilates Studio and the one and only representative of Polestar education in the GCC. her plights in the corporate world led her to take up a journey of wellness. 

Mari Chirinashvili is a person who was highly moved by her own experiences, she finally decided to leave her corporate endeavor and start her wellness journey. With a strong passion for natural healing methods, she took up the role of becoming a wellness and fitness coach. When she was going through this journey of transformation and wellness, Mari Chirinashvili got introduced to Pilates led her to experience its impact firsthand. 

With her immense dedication to transforming the lives of others and commitment to personal growth, Mari Chirinashvili got to know that Pilates is a holistic approach to fostering physical and mental well-being. Being inspired by her journey of self-recovery and wellness she came across the idea of setting up a studio that helps individuals to start their journey of transformation and made it a haven for all fitness enthusiasts.

A complete journey about the company? When you have started, how and where?

The company was started by Mari Chirinashvili who took a break from her corporate journey to lead a life that was more sustainable. The company started off with the idea to transform various lives by providing them with a conducive environment that incorporated the natural methods of healing one such method as Pilates. The entire idea was to help people become healthy both mentally and physically. The entire studio is her channelization of the passion that went into establishing Connect Pilates.

The methods that are used here are based entirely on providing wellness to both the mind and body of the human. The holistic development is made sure with the help of inculcating the latest medical studies. The studio works on the idea of providing people a temporary refuge from the everyday lifestyle and becoming their healthiest selves. 

The company is based in Dubai and is the only Polestar Pilates provider in the GCC. The studio aims to provide fitness enthusiasts with a standard all across the globe.  

The Journey of the Founder    

The studio founder, Mari Chirinashvili took refuge from her daily 9-5 to pursue her career in fitness and wellness. Her job made her prone to some ailments so she took a stop. In her journey of 19 years as a senior executive, she took a halt from her everyday life and decided to lead a life that was more holistic and sustainable. Also, her affinity toward self-growth and helping others, Mari Chirinashvili took the patch of revolutionizing her own as well as others’ lives. 

Is worker energy significant to your company’s success?

In any company, having a workforce that is highly driven and competent in its field leaves a huge mark on the company’s success. Having a team that is highly supportive and takes their duty seriously makes the company climb the ladders of success. At Connect Pilates Studio, the team of teachers works tirelessly. Also, they are an exclusive team that works in the studio only. This way, we make sure that the time is used to its best ability and no wastage is being made. 

What strategies do you have in mind to inspire your team?

At Connect Pilates Studio, working is synonymous with learning. At our studio, we make sure that the employees get a fulfilling experience during the course of their service. Providing them with house training which is exclusive of any charges provides them with regular upskilling of their knowledge. 

Moreover, there are regular meetings and mentorship programs that are held in collaboration with all the senior executives and CEOs in the company that offer a chance to them to prosper within the company. This way we ensure that the team grows both professionally and personally. 

What motivates you to persevere through difficult times?

During difficult times, we make sure that the teamwork in the company helps the team to navigate through the tough times. Holding onto what we love to do the most, pilates always helps us to navigate. Holding onto one another and understanding the plights of every person helps us to persevere through tough times.

Message to your customers and viewers

The only message to our customers and viewers is that if you believe it you can do it. If you want to go on a voyage of transformation and become the best version of yourself, then make sure that you are on the right path. Being in sync with your mind and body is really important. Taing ts care is our responsibility and finding a way of doing so is in our hands. Therefore, investing in exercise like pilates is something that you can do.

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