Mario Radosavljevic Guiding SMEs Towards Growth and Success

 Mr. Mario Radosavljevic is the founder and CEO of Global Partners Portal LLC. Moreover, Mr. Mario is the business advisor and Facilitator for His Highness Sheikh Ahmed Bin Faisal Al Qassimi’s Royal Private Office within the Gulf Cooperation Council.

Mr. Mario is a personality who never gives up on what he targets to accomplish. This is quite inspirational to know how he shifted to Dubai even after having a better career in Monaco. He watches the Dubai emirate as an outstanding location for business. “The very charming truth for me was that the supervision in the UAE is very different than anything else I have watched in my life.” Mr. Mario says.

Global Partners Portal LLC is a unit of entrepreneurs and professionals located in the Dubai emirate, which has built a platform for small and medium-sized European corporations. They assist people to export their products or services to the UAE without any advertising charges utilizing their AI-Algorithm program. Think of how Amazon gives products to their clients; they do the precise same by presenting and connecting European businessmen with Dubai and UAE corporations in the Middle East.

The target of Mr. Mario is to present demonstrate to small business owners the ways to open a second income creek and get their corporation to the next grade. The pandemic and the war in Ukraine formed a lot of suffering for the western markets that everybody is only concentrated on the high players and forgets that the SMEs are the backbone of every economy. His biggest power is, getting more than 14 years of Serial entrepreneurship to the table in online sales and manufacturing. He has been active as a private investor in Monaco since 2015. He knows both sides of the table and knows how he can assist small businesses development and extend rapidly.

Mr. Mario and his company motivate small business owners to register on their website for as low as 99 Euros annually, get direction in Dubai and the other emirates of the country, and make a never-ending income creek for the product or services. They utilize their own evolved AI program to connect people with the appropriate corporations so that the business owners can order directly for them. Large businesses have diverse machinery to feed, and so the minimum order quantity is generally large. They can’t complete small orders, which is a very remarkable opportunity for small and medium enterprises globally.

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