Markus Rademacher – Enhancing the Job and Candidate Search Methods

Markus Rademacher is the Founder and Chairmen of Jobandcandidate. He formed an online platform jobandcandidate to assist people to search for jobs and corporations locate skilled candidates. The platform also has an online existence on Facebook and LinkedIn.

Moreover, He set the target to designate job hunters internationally through the platform regardless of their qualifications and industries. Mr. Markus is a 52 years old businessman developing his career extremely while also assisting others to get jobs and candidates. Moreover, He is a team-focused leader who trusts that a better adjustment can direct a corporation towards massive success.

He is a business developer; he adores making assignments to solve issues. Moreover, he has performed for many corporations in the USA, Europe, and China. Moreover, he formed a corporation named with one creative objective. He wanted to simplify the internal job and candidate hunt process. He has over ten years of experience in the business evolvement and advanced recruiting/skilled investment.

Jobandcandidate is the job & candidate hunt forum that evolved for the requirement for a simple and successful job hunt and international recruitment. It is for all industries and all educational levels. Their creative platform assists anybody gets a job easily and each corporation efficiently gets a skilled candidate. He formed the planification of the international job and candidate hunt. Regardless of the origin, age, applicant’s gender, and irrespective of the size and popularity of the corporation.

The target is to empower job hunters globally in spite of their industry or qualifications truly. For that reason, they concentrate on the job hunter and not on the job offers. The candidates utilize their platform to introduce themselves and be found and contacted by recruiters. Several of today’s job hunters are prepared to begin something new but are not aware of where to begin. Although, most of us have been there. Markus understands what it is like taking that first move – a new job, a new career, and for some of us, even a new nation. With their platform, they make the first move easy for job hunters from all around the globe.

Markus said, his team is his biggest strength. They are an excellent team of ambitious and innovative brains. Moreover, they support and encourage variety in their corporation. In a team, mutual respect is one of the essential aspects for stable success. They value and appreciate each nationality, qualification, or gender. Therefore, his team is global. The team comes from Asia, Europe, and America. In addition, their teamwork and overlapping qualifications and experience are the keys to stable success.

His roots are firmly formed in human resources. For the previous twenty years, he has performed for a labor-intensive corporation. Moreover, topics like globalization, shortage of skilled workers, digitalization, the evolvement from recruiter to candidate market, and the enhanced competition for qualified workers have been always the concentrated on.

His mission is to connect the international employees’ market with complete equality. They wish to give clear possibilities for all job hunters or corporations. His fondness is making jobs. They love what they do and watch it as crucial because they assist people to get their spot in an altering world. They are the ‘Find Your Job’ platform, particularly for the rising and developing candidate markets in East Europe, South Asia, and Africa. At the moment, the ‘Find Your Candidate’ platform is for labor-intensive corporations globally.

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