Massimo Hakim Bringing A Blend Of Coffee & Love

Massimo Hakim is the CEO and the Founder of Mikah, an Italian Coffee Brand. Mikah has been giving premium coffee since 1984. They give unique coffee with various combinations getting roots of origin in the coffee in Arab Nations. The corporation also has social media existence on Instagram. Facebook, and Twitter.

Proving coffee isn’t just work for Mr. Massimo. Rather, this is a fondness for home and the team of Mikah. Together, they choose coffee from the best farms having the most useful origins. They utilize refined roasting ways and extreme blending ways that give a deliciously outstanding coffee that even a starter can make. They make sure that everybody can enjoy the coffee they give.

Mikah is an Italian coffee brand with brewing amenities since 1984. Their all-time major target is to share the culture of coffee globally, especially Italian espresso, the nation where Mikah was born. Their conventional values are depending on quality. Hence, their targets are to give superiority in the cup and beyond constantly.

Mr. Massimo said that the biggest strength of his and his company is the fondness and love for the work they do, determination, and thinking internationally. Along with that, the Mikah staff is passionate and expert, complying with their values, and supporting all their Mikah friends across the globe. These are the major key to their success.

He has been traveling the world since he was born, and this is inspiring always to understand new cultures and conventions. Each of them always departs something, and this is amazing how these values get sent in what they do.

He states that 2020 was a difficult year for him and everybody also. Moreover, this was difficult for around all industries. Although, despite this, they spent that time continually trying to enhance their production methods and make new products and combinations. Consequently, they described and extended the whole line of products committed to bartending throughout the lockdown, which was started in 2021.

Last year he started the Specialty Coffee line to be ready with the Hanging Ear Filter. They make single-serving sachets with good specialty single-origin coffee from a few of the very significant to facilitate practice as much as possible. Moreover, this permits even little seasoned people to enjoy a cup of specialty coffee. Hook the sachet to the cup, pour hot water over it, and this is prepared to enjoy.

Mikah isn’t only gourmet coffee but an experience. From the starting, they wanted to have a complete array of products for their customers and to provide them with a one-stop-shop. The distinction of products permits them to cover a vital slice of the HORECA industry. Hotels, coffee shops, restaurants, cafes, and lounge bars can represent all their creative flair thank to a full array of products ranging from conventional Gourmet coffee to ground chocolate, more than 35 flavors of premium syrups to excellent fruit purees, up to the delicious topping sauces.

They would constantly to apply the thing coffee culture with new packaging and formats to power their existence in the bartending and mixology sector. They would do it with new and complete proposals, or the flavors of butterfly pea and rosemary syrups. Their array of supplements is also standing updated, new and colorful packs in real Mikah style would be available soon.

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