Mazen Farah and His Ideas for Stable Revenue Growth 

Mazen Farah is the Founder and Managing Partner at HEED. He formed HEED in 2011 and took it from a consulting company with some advisors to a global consulting company with a diverse global network of customers with more than 15 full-time advisors between Beirut and Dubai emirate, HEED’s major specialty is in moving earning development maintenance and integrating science, technology, and people in each component within the commercial arm of the corporation to the end-to-end client journey.

With high resolution and devotion, Mr. Mazen wishes to assist the corporation get tremendous success and develop not solely through sales and marketing but with a stable revenue development model. They are a global maintenance consulting company with a market occupation in sales and marketing. Moreover, they are successfully helping corporations around the world in adapting to the new market conditions and change the nature of clients by placing science, technology, and people at the heart of what they do.

The company HEED is a data-driven maintenance consulting company helping customers in the MENA region, particularly the GCC, in moving their revenue development and adapting to the new market conditions. The company assists clients in building, transforming, and optimizing their sales force corporations by recognizing and decoding their sales challenges. This can array from creating a strong foundation for scalability, or dealing with any sector within the sales corporation from the go-to-market method, designing sales force, sales governance, and compensation, to creating a sales maintenance structure.

They flatter themselves on having a diverse network of success stories in different sectors, spots, and sizes, with a remarkable increase in the revenue of their clients within all accomplished assignments. Furthermore, they believe it is one of the causes regarded as their designated partners for why 80% of their clients are frequent.

For several, a successful commercial corporation merges complete branding, marketing, and an acceptable unit of salespeople. Although, it is a misconception for having a successful revenue development structure. When Mr. Mazen was doing his MBA, it was very tough for him to get sales or sales management courses that were not marketing-driven. When directed to the book, will comprise a point about creating sales corporations and building scientific commission plans.

The above misperceptions were behind the fruition of HEED, with a vision to help corporations in driving the growth of revenue depending on a stable, predictable revenue development model and not depending on a push method with a unit of top sales performers, branding, and marketing.

This has become apparent that corporate executives and professionals are more in the opinion of these requirements. As a result, they pride themselves on and strive to constantly contribute to this paradigm shift. On the tangible side, they are looking ahead to extending, starting another branch, and doubling their staff by the end of 2023.

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