In 2023, MBRHE Secures an Unprecedented Array of Strategic Collaborations

In the year 2023, the Mohammed Bin Rashid Housing Establishment (MBRHE) will attain an unparalleled milestone by forging an extraordinary number of strategic partnerships, underscoring its unwavering dedication to championing and empowering individuals with determination.

A series of impactful agreements were successfully concluded with prominent institutions, signifying tangible strides toward elevating the quality of life and fostering greater societal inclusivity.

The strategic alliances underscore MBRHE’s profound dedication to delivering inventive housing solutions, enhancing social and cultural services, and fostering an environment where individuals with determination can lead lives imbued with dignity and independence. These collaborations further articulate the establishment’s vision for a society founded on equal possibilities and mutual concern.

Reflecting on the accomplishments in the realm of strategic partnerships for the year, Mohammed Hassan Al Shehhi, Assistant CEO for the Housing Sector at MBRHE, expressed –

“In 2023, we achieved notable success in establishing several strategic partnerships that echo our vision for fostering a more inclusive and cohesive society. At MBRHE, we hold a strong belief in the transformative power of partnerships as catalysts for positive change, particularly in enhancing the lives of individuals with determination. These collaborations, cultivated over the course of a year, exemplify our commitment to steering toward a more sustainable and inclusive future for our nation. They reinforce our standing as a pioneering institution dedicated to supporting and empowering all segments of our community.”

The collaboration between MBRHE and DASS Solutions marks a significant milestone, symbolizing a concerted endeavor to deliver groundbreaking housing solutions tailored to the specific requirements of individuals with determination. This partnership underscores a dedicated commitment to safeguarding the dignity and independence of this community.

Central to these joint efforts is a focus on pioneering designs that adhere to rigorous standards of accessibility and comfort. MBRHE and DASS Solutions are actively engaged in creating living spaces that go beyond conventional norms, ensuring an inclusive and supportive environment for people of determination. By incorporating innovative architectural concepts and technological advancements, the collaboration aims to elevate the overall quality of life for this crucial segment of society.

This strategic partnership recognizes the unique needs and aspirations of individuals with determination, seeking to transcend traditional boundaries in housing design. The emphasis on accessibility not only addresses physical requirements but also strives to create spaces that resonate with inclusivity, fostering a sense of belonging and empowerment. In essence, MBRHE and DASS Solutions are pioneering a transformative approach to housing solutions that reflects a profound dedication to social responsibility and the holistic well-being of the community.

In a concerted effort to bolster the integration of individuals with determination into society, MBRHE has forged a collaborative alliance with the Dubai Club for People of Determination. This strategic partnership is centered around the support of sports and cultural activities, aiming to cultivate an inclusive environment that facilitates the active participation of people of determination within the community.

The collaboration with the Dubai Club for People of Determination is not merely an endorsement of sports and cultural endeavors but a commitment to building a supportive ecosystem. The emphasis is on creating an environment that empowers individuals with determination, enabling them to engage meaningfully and contribute effectively to the community. Through joint initiatives and programs, MBRHE and the Dubai Club aspire to break down barriers and provide opportunities that enhance the overall well-being and social integration of this segment of society.

This partnership underscores MBRHE’s dedication to social responsibility and inclusivity, recognizing the transformative power of sports and cultural activities in fostering a sense of belonging and empowerment. Together, MBRHE and the Dubai Club for People of Determination strive to champion a more integrated and supportive society where everyone, regardless of ability, can thrive and contribute to the collective fabric of community life.

Through its collaboration with the Center of Care and Rehabilitation for People of Determination, “Omniyat,” MBRHE is steadfast in its dedication to spearheading innovative initiatives in housing. The primary focus revolves around sustainability and addressing the unique requirements of individuals with determination. This strategic partnership goes beyond conventional approaches, actively engaging in research and development endeavors to discover solutions that not only enhance the lives of people of determination but also contribute to building a sustainable future for generations to come.

The commitment within this partnership is twofold – not only does it aim to revolutionize housing practices by incorporating innovative design principles and sustainable solutions, but it also seeks to address the specific needs of individuals with determination. MBRHE, in collaboration with Omniyat, is at the forefront of pioneering initiatives that transcend the boundaries of traditional housing models.

In collaboration with the World Disability Union, MBRHE is dedicated to elevating awareness surrounding disability issues. Through this partnership, the focus extends beyond mere awareness to the development of educational programs and initiatives that underscore the significance of integration and community support. The overarching goal of this agreement is to foster an inclusive environment that guarantees the full spectrum of rights for individuals with determination, enabling them to lead lives marked by dignity and independence.

The partnership between MBRHE and the World Disability Union serves as a conduit for transformative change, emphasizing the importance of education and awareness in reshaping societal attitudes towards individuals with determination. By creating comprehensive programs that address the multifaceted aspects of disability, the collaboration seeks to break down barriers and establish a framework where everyone, regardless of ability, is an integral part of the community.

Through joint initiatives, MBRHE and the World Disability Union aspire to not only raise awareness but also actively contribute to the creation of an environment that champions the rights of people of determination. This commitment is a testament to the shared vision of both entities in advocating for inclusivity, equality, and the fundamental principles that ensure a life of dignity and independence for all individuals.

The collaborative ventures undertaken by MBRHE underscore its pivotal leadership in fostering social integration and championing innovation within the housing sector, with a distinct focus on individuals of determination. These partnerships not only highlight MBRHE’s proactive role but also signify the establishment’s unwavering commitment to instigating positive and tangible change within the community. 

By aligning with diverse entities, MBRHE endeavors to create an inclusive environment that empowers all individuals, ensuring they can lead lives marked by dignity and independence. These concerted efforts reflect a broader vision of societal transformation and reinforce MBRHE’s pivotal role in shaping a future where housing innovations and social integration intersect seamlessly.

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