MEDAS Middle East Software System LLC: An Exclusive Software Solution Provider in Dubai

Mr. Raju Kurian Chairman of MEDAS company is experienced in all factors of business establishment, finance, operations, and management. He came to UAE and he started as an employee here and started from an engineering company, and then with Construction, Logistics, IT as well.

With two decades of business specialization, Mr. Raju presumed the prospect in the healthcare industry and invested and he formed a company MEDAS Middle East Software System LLC, this company is a healthcare, Software provider and is currently a part of UNISIS Group. Within a 5 years tenure, he increased MEDAS to all portions of the GCC such as Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, Qatar.

MEDAS offers proper ERP solutions for Hospitals, Medical Center, Polyclinics, Daycare, Surgical centers, Laboratories, pharmacies, and health insurance organizations of any size. Excluding the clinical functionality, the corporation also gives completely integrated back-end modules such as financial accounting, HR & Payroll, and inventory functionality making it a thorough ERP solution for a client.

The corporation has prosperous domain specialization in the Healthcare IT industry earned through almost a decade of market existence. This has delivered more than 250 software executions in the healthcare industry in the Middle East.

MEDAS’ domain specialization and broad experience in healthcare make sure that the client doesn’t need to spend maximum time defining their business. in addition, the gaps in comprehending the needs would be the tiniest. This translated to saving for the client.


MEDAS’s mission is to use its rich experience and specialization in a healthcare software solution for the digitalization of the healthcare industry which would be benefit healthcare experts and services providers to give quality and rapid care to patients. The corporation goes outside only being a product seller and additionally gives a consulting process in executing best practices related to hospitals and clinics.

Being a healthcare information software development corporation, MEDA gives proper end-to-end solutions, hence making it the first option and most suitable best chosen IT solutions partner for healthcare services providers.

Mr. Raju says the corporation resources planning systems are information systems that incorporate all the major operations of a business or a corporation. This integration is executed by the connectivity of all procedures of the different departments in the corporation. He shares his opinion on how ERPS solutions are helping hospitals carry out their operations proficiently and give better patient care.

The significance of the ERP system adopted by the corporations is great, but in term of health organizations, this is very crucial as the details managed to them, is related to human lives. Hence, complete care must be taken throughout the implementation.

The vital point in the execution of ERP systems by a health corporation is the preference of the right ERP system that can handle the financial, clinical, and inventory procedures and smoothly integrate them. ERP systems increase efficiency remarkably. Since the most functioning charge of health care is considerably decreased, these funds can be relocated to other areas.

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