Middlesex University Dubai Inaugurates Campus Expansion at Dubai Knowledge Park

On November 16, Middlesex University Dubai launched its new campus extension in Dubai Knowledge Park, a member of TECOM Group PJSC, in the existence of a delegation of authorities from the UAE and the UAE.

The British University’s additional amazing features coincide with a current statement growth in student enrolments, which witnessed the five-star rated institution recognized by the Knowledge and Human Development Authority as Dubai’s biggest UK university for the last two academic years.

Forming on 18 years of accomplishment and creation giving a quality UK education in the country, the extension comprises digitally improved educational and social areas in the Middlesex University campus of Dubai. The features target to redefine the future of the whole university experience, unifying vital student services, academia, and extracurricular activities and completing the different needs of aspiring students starting their professional in one of the vibrant cities.

Inspiring cooperation, entrepreneurship, and academic exploration, the features are home to a centralized student services center, which homes the University’s high support services that serve the requirements of all learners. Resources comprise the professions and employability service, which gives career counseling and planning, and the hub for Academic success, which features mental health support, health, and well-being counseling, inclusivity training, learning disability support, and academic skills workshops.

Further highlights of the extension comprise the Middlesex University Dubai social hub, which is the vital point of the Middlesex student experience as an advance, welcoming, and tranquil-themed area that is centered around boosting student health, well-being, and connection. The social hub has been formed in response to the feedback of the students about the kinds of features they wanted to watch on campus.

As a part of Dubai Knowledge Park’s community of major universities and training units, MDX Dubai methodically puts students near Dubai Internet City and Dubai Media City, which are house to future 500 corporations, start-ups, SMEs, and businesspeople. The tech and media ecosystems, inaugurated by TECOM Group, give students access to a vibrant calendar of industry events and networking possibilities to kick-start their professional evolvement.

Launch in the presence of major UAE and UAE Authorities 

The launch ceremony was attended by a delegation from the UAE and UK, comprising TECOM and KHDA authorities. Attendees even comprised Simon Penny, consul-general to Dubai and trade commissioner for the Middle East, and professor Corole-Anne Upton, deputy vice-chancellor for global invention and effect of Middlesex University London.

Throughout the launch, Amanat Holdings, and Middlesex University London managed the attendance, highlighting the significance of the country’s high education to the nation’s national evolvement and the role major British universities like MDX Dubai play in this development. The launch tradition even comprised an amazing tour of the new features and communications with senior faculty and learners throughout the campus formations.

Penney Stated – “The UK and the UAE experience a close and long-standing bilateral rapport, which is becoming ever robust through our shared values of quality education, strengthening youth, and making useful international job prospects for young creators.

A British university education is internationally known and highly well-respected for its globally-concerned analysis and academic superiority. World-class education like this plays a vital part in skill evolvement that would get our country’s mutually-advantageous targets. I am proud that top British high education units like MDX Dubai are directing the route in giving quality, cost-effective UK education in the UAE and across the world.”

Recognized for its academic rigor, relevant, effective analysis superiority, and profession-led curriculum, a British education at MDX Dubai is deemed internationally as outstanding preparation for building the skills and expert network required for a successful career. The University experience robust links with the sector, strengthening students to involve in a professional manner with their selected sector through guest speakers, internships, and real-life assignments as part of the curriculum.

Guided by the values of Middlesex University Dubai’s plan for 2031, which specifies how the major UK unit targets to make a good effect internationally through analysis and academia, MDX Dubai constant to create and redefine British education in the United Arab Emirates and the broader region as it looks ahead to still another successful academic year ahead.

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