Mohammad Fouad Al Jamal – Unveiling the Formula for Entrepreneurial Triumph

Delighted by a distinctive trajectory within the construction sector and under the tutelage of his father, Dr. Engineer Fouad Khamis Al Jamal, Mohammad Fouad Al Jamal generously imparts profound insights into his entrepreneurial voyage and role as an eminent figure in the industry. From surmounting formidable obstacles to cultivating a culture of innovation and nurturing a pool of talents, Mohammad Fouad Al Jamal imparts invaluable counsel for aspiring entrepreneurs. Join us as we delve into the rich experiences and sagacious guidance offered by Mohammad Fouad Al Jamal, the visionary steering Trust Construction Establishment to unprecedented heights within the construction landscape. 

A complete journey about the Mohammad Fouad Al Jamal company? 

Trust Construction Establishment stands as a preeminent force in the construction industry, holding a prestigious First Category classification and commanding a prominent position as a leading general contracting company. Throughout its distinguished history, the company has undertaken a multitude of construction projects, primarily catering to the needs of the UAE government, particularly in collaboration with the Command of Military Works (CMW). This unwavering commitment aligns seamlessly with the visionary aspirations of H.H. Sheikh Khalifa bin Zayed Al Nahyan, the esteemed President of the UAE, who envisions a diversified and prosperous national economy.

The company’s specialization lies in the realm of heavy industrial projects, harbor development, office and accommodation building construction, specialized concrete rehabilitation, the creation of state-of-the-art sports stadiums, enclosed play courts, cutting-edge laboratories, and the establishment of substations within highly regulated live plant areas.

Trust Construction Establishment proudly boasts a dedicated team, comprising extensively qualified and well-trained engineers, seasoned professionals, skilled artisans, and experienced tradespeople. Furthermore, the company maintains a substantial inventory of cutting-edge construction equipment, bolstered by modern facilities equipped with advanced project monitoring, accounting, and cost control systems.

The journey of the entrepreneur? 

I joined the ranks of Trust Construction, a long-established company founded by my father and currently led by our esteemed CEO, Dr. Engineer Fouad Khamis Al Jamal. The inception of Trust Construction dates back to 1985 when my father laid its foundation, diligently nurturing it into a formidable first-category construction company. My entry into the organization occurred in 2009, following the completion of my university studies, where I earned a bachelor’s degree in Civil and Environmental Engineering.

The initial year marked a transformative learning experience for me, as I immersed myself in the intricacies of the industry, gaining invaluable insights from the grassroots level. Despite encountering numerous challenges, these early experiences played a pivotal role in shaping my personal and professional growth and honing my expertise. A significant turning point materialized in 2012 when I spearheaded the successful implementation of a comprehensive ERB system within the company, ushering in a seamless transition from paper-based processes to a fully automated workflow.

In 2018, we embarked on a strategic expansion endeavor, giving rise to two sister companies: Trust Buildline, entrusted with maintenance contracts for projects completed by Trust Construction Establishment, and Trust Al Haditha, a robust transportation and heavy machinery entity. These sister companies operate in tandem with our flagship enterprise, amplifying our capabilities and reach in the industry.

In recognition of the unwavering dedication and outstanding achievements of our organization over the years, Trust Construction has garnered a prestigious nomination and secured a spot on the shortlist for the esteemed GoGlobe Awards 2023, to be held in Rhode Island, New York. This honor serves as a testament to the relentless commitment of our exceptional team to delivering excellence in construction and project management. As we look ahead, we remain steadfast in our pursuit of continued success and growth in the future.

How do you incorporate creative ideas into your company?

At Trust Construction Establishment, we take immense pride in embracing our employees as an extended family, firmly believing that their achievements translate into our collective success. Our history is replete with inspiring stories of team members who, after years of dedicated service, have ventured into successful entrepreneurial endeavors, eventually emerging as industry luminaries. At the core of our ethos lies the pivotal emphasis on cultivating a culture of creativity, affording our employees the time and freedom to explore novel ideas while championing transparent and open channels of communication.

My leadership philosophy draws profound inspiration from my father, a mentor and role model of unparalleled influence. An integral facet of my managerial approach revolves around the steadfast commitment to an “Open Door Policy” extended to every member of our dynamic team. This policy ensures that each employee has unfettered access to me, whether for inquiries, concerns, or seeking guidance.

A compelling instance of our commitment to fostering innovation at Trust Construction is our steadfast dedication to nurturing talent from within the organization, rather than solely relying on external recruitment. This strategy not only engenders a profound sense of belonging and loyalty among our workforce but also solidifies their integral role in our ongoing journey of growth and success.

What strategies do Mohammad Fouad Al Jamal have in mind to inspire their team?

The primary focus isn’t actively retaining talented employees or implementing deliberate retention strategies; instead, it centers on cultivating an organizational environment that nurtures a profound sense of belonging, akin to a close-knit family. This is achieved through a comprehensive approach that encompasses competitive compensation, robust benefits packages, opportunities for professional growth, and a positive workplace culture.

Recognizing the individuality of each team member, characterized by distinct needs, emotions, and preferences, we tailor our approach to accommodate these specific requirements. This includes offerings such as flexible work hours, abundant pathways for career advancement, and even financial assistance when needed. For instance, we distinguish ourselves by extending financial support to employees through interest-free loans, a unique feature compared to typical corporate practices. 

This assistance is designed to alleviate personal hardships, diminish distractions in their personal lives, and enhance their focus and productivity in their roles. This commitment to employee well-being stems from our core belief that content and valued team members are inherently more devoted to their work, ultimately contributing significantly to the organization’s overall success.

What motivates Mohammad Fouad Al Jamal to persevere through difficult times?

The construction industry grapples with a distinctive array of risks that distinguish it from others, notably a higher incidence of injuries compared to most sectors. While the complete eradication of risks, including the potential for injury or fatality, remains unattainable in any industry or work environment, there exist actionable measures that can significantly curtail these risks.

A pivotal approach for facility managers, building managers, and commercial property managers involves the diligent implementation of a comprehensive risk assessment at various stages of a construction project—prior to commencement, throughout its progression, and upon its conclusion. This systematic evaluation serves as a linchpin for these managers to pinpoint potential risks and formulate robust strategies to either mitigate or diminish these risks. Through the judicious execution of risk assessments, managers gain insights into the gravity of potential risks and can proactively steer clear of those that might result in financial setbacks.

A construction risk assessment centers on the identification of perilous elements inherent in construction undertakings. To grasp the timing and methodology behind this assessment, it’s crucial to define the concept of risk itself. Risk, in this context, signifies the probability that a hazard may precipitate injury, illness, damage, or other forms of harm. Typically, the risk assessment process entails three fundamental phases: identifying hazards, scrutinizing and assessing risks, and implementing measures to control and mitigate these risks.

Message to Mohammad Fouad Al Jamal customers and viewers

I consistently advocate for aspiring entrepreneurs to embrace a mindset of continuous learning. It’s imperative to keep abreast of industry trends, market dynamics, and emerging technologies to maintain a competitive edge and drive innovation. Equally critical is the cultivation of resilience and unwavering persistence because setbacks are inherent in the entrepreneurial journey, and surrendering easily should never be an option.

In my own path to success, mentorship played an instrumental role, and I wholeheartedly endorse the pursuit of mentors for aspiring entrepreneurs. Mentors offer invaluable insights and unwavering support drawn from their own experiences, serving as guiding lights through the challenges and facilitating personal growth.

The construction of a robust and diverse team that shares a common vision holds pivotal significance. A cohesive team possesses the collective strength to surmount obstacles and attain success. Furthermore, adaptability and flexibility are non-negotiable traits. Entrepreneurs must be prepared to pivot when circumstances warrant, taking cues from market feedback and emerging opportunities as they arise.

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