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What is your company name and contacts?

Today we got an opportunity to have a conversation with Mohammed Salman the founder of HOG Cranes. He is a very encouraging personality. His special attention to client satisfaction. Let’s check out more about Mr. Salman.

Company name: HOG Cranes.

Founder: Mohammed Salman


Mobile: +971 52 995 8895

A complete journey about the company? When you have started, how and where?

Mohammed Salman is the founder of HOG Crane. Abbreviation of H.O.G Hoist Overhead Gantry.

Hoist Overhead Gantry System (HOG)Cranes based in Dubai since 2015. Who offers complete and comprehensive services to customers who require cranes from initial consultation through to final commissioning and beyond.

HOG cranes have established in 2015 with the idea of improving technology in material handling industries. To date HOG Chas served thousands of customers and provided a great solution for their lifting requirements.

HOG cranes, with their highly talented technical team, is able to acquire more business locally as well as in the Middle east. Now we are also successfully exporting spares, products, and services to other GCC nations.

The journey of the founder?

I, Mohammed Salman, am an electrical engineer by qualification. After pursuing my engineering, I came to Dubai with the idea to start a business in an area where I can use my expertise.

My interest increased in the cranes. Hence, I started educating myself more and more about cranes and studied various types of cranes. Early in 2015, I started HOG cranes.

I would like to begin my diligent and encouraged analysis and evolvement in the future, and my commitment to the client’s needs provide us benefits over our rivals and put us at forefront of my industry through my dedication to quality and constant inventions.

Who are your customers? And have you supplied it to anyone? What is the feedback?

Hog cranes serve many industries like Steel plants, precast industries, water plants, ports, etc. Mostly we have small to big companies as our customers. We maintain their cranes, which allows our customers to focus on their mainstream business.

What support do you need from the customers?

So far, we have been successful with our services to retain customers for repeated business. We just want that our customers will constantly feel happy with our services and connect with us for a long time.

Is there any breakeven?

We did struggle at times but did work harder to come out of the hard times.

Your website and social media pages.


Instagram: hogcrane01


Are you looking for investors? If yes, then how much?

Now, I am not looking for any investors. We are growing slowly with our own resources.

Message to your customers and viewers

Message to the viewers would be, give chance to the new companies, start your business relationship with them, trust them, later on maybe you will realize it was the better option for you.

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