Motilal Keshavdas – Forming Fleetroot Last Mile Technology with Kaizen 

Motilal Keshavdas serves as the co-founder as well as the CTO at Fleetroot. He is the person who developed the technology utilized in Fleetroot platforms. Fleetroot also has an active social presence through Facebook, LinkedIn, and YouTube. Motilal Keshavdas is constantly challenging the team and himself to come up with innovative ideas and improve. This helps Fleetroot customers tackle their most pressing business issues in logistics.

Motilal Keshavdas along with his team of his are experts in mobility with vast DevOps knowledge. From turning ideas into solutions to developing and implementing solutions with international standards in mind and providing the foundation for the technology utilized for our solutions software. The users will be able to find Fleetroot simpler and more engaging because of the technology stack and fantastic user experience.

In 2023, we hope to take on 500+ businesses from the GCC and establish ourselves as the leading logistic platform provider in the region. We also support our clients in delivering their products and services with lightning time to customers by using our technology.

What do you think is the biggest strength of yourself and your company right now?

Every one of us at Fleetroot is committed to providing tangible benefits to Fleetroot customers while also helping automate their last-mile mobility processes, delivering remarkable and tangible outcomes. Fleetroot has a bright team of professionals with over 50 years of cooperative knowledge in logistics, technology, and transportation.

How did you get to where you are today?

Our journey began in the year 2018. At the time, there was just a handful of us who specialized in the specific areas of mobility and technology and addressed the most challenging customers’ transportation issues across the MENA region, one task at each time. We realized the need for an easier solution to solve even more complex issues in the field of mobility. Based on this we set about creating our own transport SaaS platform to address the larger issues in mobility.

As experts, we have developed over time as did the growth of our technology platform. We have integrated all aspects that make up the mobile ecosystem into one integrated technology platform that’s equipped to connect, manage, and automate the final mile of transportation of goods, people as well as mobility-related services.

What are the biggest challenges you have to overcome?

We are building a world-class logistics SAAS platform to aid businesses to streamline the transport of goods, people, and other services. Large fleet businesses generate significant portions of their income by optimizing their logistics and fleet operations. We aid them in increasing their ROI. For SMEs, optimizing their Last-Mile is crucial to their growth.

Tell us about a project that forced you to be innovative and creative

When events occur in 2020, like the majority of people around the globe Our team has had to face the changing realities and obstacles to sustain the momentum of sales, grow margins and volume of orders and achieve our goals for KPIs. We can only grow and re-discover our strengths as a group and business.

However, we also recognized an opportunity to take on the challenge when we noticed an urgent need and a trend towards delivery on-demand as a solution. Therefore, we turned our attention to enhancing our logistics solutions available to all regardless of location and welcoming all who could benefit from our solutions for last-mile delivery.

How did you overcome the challenges or roadblocks you faced in your career? What is your most memorable moment as a leader?

Perseverance. One thing I am most proud of in our company is our team. In the beginning, we were blessed by the people with character in our group who helped us to overcome the most difficult difficulties.

These same individuals have been with us since then, with a positive outlook on the growing business and changing landscapes, and are always willing to be a good listener and understanding of our customers and our management in every situation.

My most memorable memory was when we interviewed one of our young girls to be a junior support specialist. She surpassed all the other candidates by a mile thanks to her enthusiasm and determination to do her best. We were truly amazed. She was not scared by the challenges and sacrifices that were required for the job. The memories have stayed with her when we have seen the person develop with the company and lead the Customer Success team today.

How do you envision the company changing in two years, and how will you lead the change?

The privilege of having the chance to connect with exceptional people working in our field from all over the globe. For instance, I participated in several meetings in conjunction with customers from Brazil and Malaysia over the last three months. They’re geographically separated. My opinion is that this is the meaning of perspective building.

Within the coming two years I’m hoping to have Fleetroot software solutions catering to customers on four continents. Sometimes, I feel that this might be a dream I’ve had and then I get to a conference call with people who are in completely different time zones, either in the same direction and realize that it’s already taking place.

The expansion plans we have in place and our entry into the international arena provide me with the opportunity to develop as a specialist to keep up with the evolution of our products. I am excited to see where this would lead me as a person and expert.

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