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We are here to bring you the most intriguing tales of startups from all over the world. In this edition, we have brought a story of a local entrepreneur all the way from Oman. We got the opportunity to have a discussion with Muhammad Ahmed Mian the founders of Simbiz. We had a fruitful discussion with them and learned about their journey. Everything from challenges and victories, everything is covered here. This blog is an insight into the entrepreneur world for all the budding entrepreneurs who want to get into the whirlwind journey. So, take notes as we unveil the know-how of the journey. 

In conversation with the Co-Founder & Managing Director of SIMBIZ, Muhammad Ahmed Mian, get ready to discover the operations and plans of SIMBIZ. The IT Company situated in Oman, UK, and Pakistan, caters to the needs of its customers by leveraging the latest technological innovations and solutions to take their businesses to great heights. They even help the lenient by altering tier technology trends. So, they can always stay up in the game to meet the market trends and demands.     

With over an experience of 16 years, in the IT and Marketing Industries. Ahmad is a result-driven leader who started SIMBIZ and undertook the challenges faced during the pandemic. Following are the excerpts from our conversation with him.  

The Journey of the Muhammad Ahmed Mian

To this question, Ahmed replied “With over an experience of 16 years in the field of IT and Marketing, from junior to senior rules, I have worked in proximity with the top management and learned how to tackle situations that are difficult. I am a founder of three companies and SIMBIZ is the fourth one. So, I have ample experience in steering the company after a downfall.”

He further added, “Carrying out an IT Consultancy as an entrepreneur can be quite a task so undertaking some crucial steps was the main reason that this venture was sustained. Such as identifying our specialization, adapting our online presence in the times of covid, and constantly evolving with the latest industry developments and trends to stay relevant and in competition.” 

What strategies do you have in mind to inspire your team?

On being asked this question, the two main key strategies that they adopted are– flexibility and adaptability. Ahmed added on by saying “Prioritising on building strong and trusted relationships with the customers should always be the prime concern of the organization. As this will help in navigating the business operations. 

Second, always get in touch with the newest technologies and innovative ways to overcome challenges. Always get a hold of the newest technology as this way one can get a hold of all the opportunities that may come their way. 

The third is to have a robust work culture that is based on three pillars partnership, support, and communication. Inculcating this culture in the workplace helps in staying connected and motivated even in times of difficulty. 

For example, during the pandemic, the company emphasized these three strategies that helped the team to work efficiently and effectively even when they were working from different parts of the world.   

How does the company plan to achieve its goals?

The company performs as per the business models and operations specified in the company’s rule book. The company focuses on the hourly billing model for some of its clients which is a straightforward model where the client is charged based on the number of hours they have worked on a project. 

The goal of SIMBIZ is to provide IT services to more individuals and corporations. For this, the company is planning on adopting a combination of various billing models such as subscription and project-based models. 

In the end, every project has a different needs. So, testing out various models and tracking data is the most beneficial way to ascertain which strategy is the best for a particular task. 

Who are your customers? And have you supplied it to anyone? What is the feedback?

For us, our customers are the primary stakeholders whom we have to serve the finest and the best services. Customer satisfaction is our topmost priority and is a matter of utmost importance. We aim at maintaining that level of trust through open lines of communication.   

The customers are always asked to share their feedback and put up questions for us. As it will help us level up our services and take notes to cater to the needs of the customers. So far, we have received various feedbacks and we strive o work on all of them with utmost attention.

What motivates you to persevere through difficult times?

Ahmed commented “In the past sixteen years of my experience in the IT Industry, I have experienced numerous challenges that are of repetitive nature. The challenges include attracting the top talents who are familiar with the relevant and newest technologies of the IT Sector. 

The difficult time that my organization has faced in the past is the Covid outbreak. The company got motivated because of the client’s blind faith in the company. The company looked into the matters of meeting deadlines and managing projects with the highest level of excellence and delivered premium quality solutions. 

The challenges can be overcome by stabilizing both the quality and speed of fulfilling a project. Since an IT Company involves delivering solutions on time and with top-notch quality. 

The next big thing is taking care of the security and privacy. There has been a huge rise in the number of cyber attacks and breaches of data. So, it is vital to take the required measures to secure and protect the data. 

In the last, every challenge can be overcome by choosing the right approach while focusing on innovation, partnership, and constant training.

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