Nasos Papanastasiou Forging Ahead With Multiple Businesses

 Nasos Papanastasiou is a passionate businessman and also an authorized advance broker by Cysec. With over 11 years of experience in the F&B industry, he is concentrated on getting his targets and objectives. Mr. Nasos started his career in 2010 as a barista, and currently, he is the proprietor of many companies.

The company of Mr. Nasos “Public Café” situated in Dubai emirate, is remarkable on its own. The café permits people to appreciate delectable foods and drinks. People come to the café for food, to spend their relaxation time, for meetings, and act while having a lovely cup of coffee.

The journey of Mr. Nasos till now hasn’t been an easy one. Although, he maintained on moving ahead to get his targets and goals. He acknowledges that only strong people can persist in difficult situations, and he goes on with this vision.

The public café is comfortable and remarkable in Dubai emirate and has an online existence on Instagram and Facebook. This is not like another cafeteria with food or snacks that people pass by. Public Café is an area where you can watch all types of people – from a professional who wishes to work on their laptop in a peaceful space, families, businessmen doing their crucial meetings, lunch to the bloggers & influencers that pass by very usually to take a picture in the terrace and enjoy their time.

The strategy of his company is quite simple, good ingredients, hearty meals, targeting, correct marketing, and very significantly the team. The team consists of 22 expert and hardworking personalities who value what they accomplish and think of the store as their store.

Mr. Nasos explained – one of the assignments that assisted him to be very inventive is the corporation that he has in Cyprus. This is called massive development. This is a consulting corporation that assists young businessmen to learn about investments in the real estate and stock markets and get personal development through life training or business mentorship workshops. They also train them with webinars, seminars, and give their services to particular nations.

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