Nataliya Wiedemeyer – A Team-Oriented and Goal-Driven Personality 

Nataliya Wiedemeyer, the founder of GRAVITEAMS Management Consulting, is a global trainer, business consultant, and project manager. Ms. Nataliya is committed to team cooperation, comprehension, and performance in the unit. Ms. Nataliya concentrated more on making organizational targets where people can act unitedly to get these.

Ms. Nataliya collected up all her specialization, talents, proficiency, knowledge, and formed GRAVITEAMS to assist various businesses to gain success via effective training consultation. The corporation concentrated on creative business models, good teamwork, and leadership. GRAVITEAMS is also visible on social media on Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn. Through GRAVITEAMS, Nataliya assists corporations with consulting projects, leadership, facilitation, speaking involvements, team, coaching, and webinars.

GRAVITIMES is a Management Consulting company for future-ready leadership, involved collaboration, creative business models. Moreover, she is passionate about encouraged teams and strong executive cultures. GRAVITEAMS stands for gravity in team performance. Physical sobriety is this hidden force that possesses planets in their orbits and us on the ground. They do not consciously feel its existence; they take it for granted, as this is always there.

They are distinct regarding mutual appeal and unity in their business rapports. Social gravity isn’t something to be taken for granted but must be intentionally cultivated. When people constructively collect and comprehend each other, no business methods or business function is unbelievable. But, on the flip side, no high things are ever got by an individual solely; there’s always a team.

With a people-centered unified alternation process, GRAVITEAMS assists corporations to join their people via technology and in energy and conduct their business activities and efficiency while getting prepared for the challenges of the future.

Ms. Nataliya explained that it takes a specific type of attitude in corporations to make a culture of involvement, and contribution, where anybody can do their best and flourish. Her target with GRAVITEAMS is to make understand that it is the only method to make a healthy and stable work culture and get business success for a long time. The world today is very complicated for anybody or any individual and the majority of people to know all the answers.

Transactional coordination of tasks and roles doesn’t act and leads to bad quality, shortage of compliance, and very great worker turnover. The culture of command and control that was utilized to be efficient for easy production lines of the 20th century is outdated now. The one in command can never have the entire image as much as a communion team with various views and can never get high-quality outcomes people included comprehend what is in it for the corporation and how they can assist make it occur.

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