Natasha Hatherall And Her Way Of Moving Ahead With Tish Tash

Natasha Hatherall has more than twenty years of experience in Media, Marketing, and the PR World. Tash holds a Ph.D. in psychology and marketing and has a genuine fondness for people and comprehending what makes them tick.

With a varied career in account management, media purchasing, planning, marketing, and public relations, Natasha’s experience span clients in several industries such as fashion, financial, beauty, retail, property, travel, automotive, and FMCG. Her CV comprises leading international firms McCann Erikson Worldwide, Havas Global, Euro RSCG, and international corporations L’Oreal and Diageo.

She shifted to the territory in 2010. After spending time performing for Abu Dhabi Media, heading up marketing for a score of their brands, Tash took a leap of faith, forming a boutique beauty and wellness interactions agency, TishTash, in 2012 and has not looked back since.

In almost years ten TishTash become one of the most demanding and respected independent firms in the Middle East, utilizing their understanding and fondness for the current trends to make campaigns that get brands noticed, which saw them win PRCA Middle East top firm in 2021, with Tash also scooping Best PR Leader.

She trusts in kindness, and not only as a platitude. They can expand kindness and empathy throughout their regular touchpoints with family, friends, and business with their workers and clients. The world is recently confusing, and we don’t know what anyone is facing behind closed doors and in their personal lives. She trusts in striving for balance, rationally in their performance or life climate and that by interacting kindly, cooperation over competition and simply working such as grateful, gracious, thoughtful humans.

She always trusted that she wanted a career in Academia because of her robust fondness for customer psychology and marketing. After performing as a graduate teacher during her Ph.D. studies, she decided it was not for her after all. Hanging up her analysis hat, and after performing account maintenance and marketing around international brands and agencies. She has always wanted to reside and work foreign – it is what brought her to Dubai emirate in 2010. This was a tick off her bucket list.

Having accidentally fallen into the part of agency owner, first as a small boutique firm, specializing in beauty & wellness, she now supervises more than 30 staff and an award-winning company TishTash. To state there have been lessons learned over the previous decade is an understatement. All of the usual difficulties, in the beginning, forming, and developing a business in the United Arab Emirates come to mind, but with the advantages of hindsight, the largest lesson she has learned is always to believe in herself, her experience, and her instinct when it comes to decision making.

She never let herself down there, and whilst everybody has regrettable experiences, they can learn always and shift on. This is how they tackle them. She has also learned that they are just as better as their people, and as employers, they should hire slowly, fire quickly, and always nurture, evolve, and look after the best interests of their team.

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