New Initiatives to Provide 500 Investment Opportunities for Nationals in Dubai Neighborhoods & Residential Districts

Incorporated business platform giving acquisition prospects to nationals in residential districts. In the execution of the directives of H.H. Sheikh Hamdan Bin Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Crown Prince of Dubai, the committee started an initiative entitled “Investment Opportunities” as well as an integrated business platform for citizens. This gives 500 acquisition possibilities in the residential communities of citizens and distinct parts of Dubai.

His Excellency Matter Al Tayer, General Commissioner for Infrastructure, stated – “The inauguration of investment opportunities within the residential communities of nationals is a manifestation of the desire of the Ruler of Dubai. This also echoes the directives of the Crown Prince of Dubai. Such directives call for accelerating the growth and well-being of Dubai nationals, giving prospects for youth to develop, and getting economic diversity apart from forcing the wider growth in Dubai under a method concentrated on social and family stability.”

Wellbeing of Nationals 

His Excellency Dawood Al Hajri, Director General of Dubai Municipality, stated – “The investment assignment platform for citizens in Dubai shows a remarkable prospect to support the economic and social growth of Dubai. This shows the desire of the Ruler of Dubai to constantly perform to enhance the quality of life and welfare of Emirati nationals and give them reach to great living standards. The initiative also gives investment prospects for the youth in line with the methodic and civil growth targets of Dubai, targeted at improving its future development.

Dubai Municipality is eager to act with different governmental companies and partners to support all schedules and movements that aid get the desire of His Highness. In this endeavor, the Municipality started the Farmers’ Souq industry, which targets to get Emirati farmers together in one place, where they can sell their agricultural and local better directly to customers. The Municipality also presented the Souq Al Fareej schedule, which targets to inspire and open up acquisition opportunities for Emirate small-medium enterprise owners by presenting and encouraging their homemade products, further improving the major status and appeals of Dubai.” 

Stable Development Prospects 

His Excellency Helal Saeed Almarri, Director General of Dubai’s Department of Economy and Tourism (DET) stated – “The first priorities of our visionary leadership are to make sure that Dubai constantly working hard to reinforce its status as a vibrant international business center, supports its nationals to get prosperity and satisfaction, and gives the finest acquisition prospects to build a future underpinned by stable development. As we redouble our actions to make an even more thriving climate for our community to thrive, we are guided by the desire and creative industries of the Ruler of Dubai and Crown Prince of Dubai.”

“The new industry started by the Higher committee to produce and give acquisition prospects for citizens and the formation of a unified digital platform showing acquisition prospects for nations, show a vital move in the way to growing effective procedures and assignments that will improve the life quality within residential areas. 

The industry will even give economic prospects to make sure that nationals and their families experience their high living norms and long-term stability, along with the accomplishment of their future aspirations in line with the outstanding global standing of Dubai.”

Nationals Integrated Business Platform 

The National Integrated Business Platform will support presenting the acquisition opportunities obtainable for nationals, supporting assignments, and guiding businessmen through the seasonal markets. Upon accomplishment, the assignment will be evaluated, and permanent licenses will be granted for successful assignments. 

The platform lists all the acquisition prospects for nationals and the chance of applying for utilizing them and sets the registration for seasonal markets along with support and counseling services. 


The industry sets a procedure for using permanent and seasonal acquisition prospects by nationals in cooperation with the Department of Economy and Tourism and the Dubai Municipality. It is even known for marketing those prospects through the incorporated business forum. Regarding the permanent prospects, the forum would be grown and essential licenses would be granted. 

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