Decisions forming Publishing and Content Creation advisory councils issued 

In accordance with the desire and directives of His Highness Sheikh Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Prime Minister, vice president, and Ruler of Dubai, to reinforce Dubai’s position as a provincial center of media and entertainment, H.H. Sheikh Ahmed Bin Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum, chairman of Dubai Media, Council, granted Decisions No. (4) and (5) of 2022, making the Publishing and Content Creation Advisory Council.

The advisory councils would examine and evolve methods for media units of Dubai, overlooking the publishing sector and evolving the content creation policy at Dubai Media Incorporated. “The purposes of the councils would comprise improving the efficiency of the media industry of the emirate and making a helping climate for appealing and encouraging skilled domestic youth.”

The step, which comes as a portion of the Dubai Media Council’s wider methods to evolve the different elements of media in the emirate, comprising audio-visual, print, and digital media, targets to appeal to skills and evolve the medial formations of Dubai to complete the methodic purposes of Dubai in accordance with the national schedule.

The councils would draft plans to sustain domestic talents and set growth and training schedules for the media units’ skilled experts and make sure that DMI’s policies constantly align with the methodic preferences of the emirate in accordance with the national interest.

H.H Sheikh Ahmed stated – “Modernizing the media industry is one of the top preferences of the council, in accordance with realizing the desire of H.H Sheikh Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum and executing his commands to evolve schemes and methods to advance the media industry and to act on appealing skilled experts to get a quantum bound in the sector.”

“We act closely with concerned units to evolve schemes that complete needs for technical tools and human capital. I comply with the results and suggestions of the task forces. I’m sure that their efforts would top in a wider scheme that would support evolving the media industry, increase Dubai’s position further, and understand the desire of its leadership.”

Mona Al Marri, Managing Director and Vice Chairperson of the Dubai Media Council, stated – “The inauguration of the media consulting councils is a move towards notifying the needs and learning about the difficulties of the media formations of the emirate. The partners of these councils have great understanding and wisdom of the various media industries, comprising audio-visual, image, and technical media.”

“We hold wider method to evolve and modernize the media industry to maintain speed with the premium position of the emirate in the sector. The plan targets to support the sector with all the essential digital tools and human assets, along with giving the prospect to domestic skilled experts to support evolving this crucial industry,”

“The Council would not concentrate on improving the efficiency of the media industry of the emirate to get the great grade of difference and administration through the utilization of sector the finest techniques to meet the future budding entrepreneurs of the emirate and assist bring its message to the globe.”

Nehal Badri, Secretary General of Dubai Media Council, has shown the quick speed of performance at the council, comprising the establishment of working groups and committees for evolving the media units. She also showed the vital part these advisory councils would play in revving the procedure and gaining the purposes to evolve the sector.

Decision No. (4) of 2022 granted by the chairman of Dubai media formed Publishing Advisory Council to supervise the publishing industry at DMI, evolve its guidelines to align with the national interest, make schemes to sustain domestic skilled experts, and set evolvement and training schedules for its skilled experts.

The PAC is also tasked with evolving schemes to give the methods sanctioned by the Dubai Media Council and as an advisory department to suggest schemes in accordance with the purposes and the national schedule of the emirate. The PAC would also suggest enterprises increase Emiratization and allure and maintain skills in the industry.

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