New Executive Regulation of Industrial Property Law Complements UAE’s Legal Patent System

Terming the grant of the new executive Regulation as a crucial evolvement, Dr. Ahmad Belhoul Al Falasi, Minister of State for Entrepreneurship and SMEs, stated that the UAE has got unique outcomes in increasing the part of the invention and increasing academic property while inspiring inventors and creators.

This came complying with the grant of Federal Law No (11) of 2021 on the Protection and Regulation of Industrial Property Rights in line with the Cabinet Resolution No (6) of 2022.

Dr. Al Falasi stated that the new Executive Regulation complements the legal system of Industrial Property Rights and Patents in the nation using evolving fine standards of trademark applications, speeding up the issuing of these trademarks, and enhancing their score in the upcoming phase.

“The regulation helps in giving a wide legal climate that motivates invention and trademark applications in the United Arab Emirates. This will further assignments the UAE as the best location for inventors in different sectors – comprising – new economy, development, technology, and research. In addition, this would increase its status as a favorable and lucrative climate for fundamental investments, therefore increasing the pillars of the new economic module depending on invention and understanding. This would also increase the leadership of the UAE in international competitive indexes, like the Global Innovation Index, the Global Competitiveness Index, and Global Entrepreneurship Index.”

The regulation also applies the legal basis for corporations and individuals to get ahead with their current concepts and inventions. Through its regulation, different processes, terms, needs, and principles about industrial property applications have been described. This further displays different parts and phases of the application process, beginning from the phase of application to the registering of the industrial property rights, along with its resulting rights, protests, and requests. It comes in line with the most useful global practices in the sector, particularly those about trademarks, utility certificates, industrial assignments, digital circuits, and the security of unrevealed details.

The Executive Regulation in addition concerns major requirements specified in global contracts regarding industrial property rights, guaranteeing the pace, adaptability, and significance of the verification and registration of industrial property applications, and giving security for innovations’ owners. This further delivers added adaptability and benefits for trademarks and industrial property for entrepreneurship. Startups, SMEs, academic institutions, as well as features and corporations – comprising departments for evolvement, analysis, invention, and global corporations. All of which are set to virtual advantages from the industrial property services given by the Ministry of Economy by trademark registering for its activities.

The rules also comprise knowledge-sharing processes for innovations to make utilization of analysis and evolvement in the private sector, startups & SMEs, and academic institutions across the nation. The rules also mention the time throughout which trademarks’ exam outcomes will be declared, getting the target of the ministry to utilize these rules to decrease the duration from 42 months to 6 months.

The rules also describe instruments for practical and formal exams and the papers about industrial property rights applications, and the controls for creating security claims according to global needs. They also describe the technical and legal base in computing the principle of priority submission for a similar innovation, needs, and data of the industrial property rights registry, and mention the needs and processes for updating and changing industrial property rights application.

Moreover, the rules define different factors about the global application under the Patent Cooperation Treaty, overseen by the World Intellectual Property Organization, the mechanisms of computing yearly cost for industrial property rights, the range of security and project of these rights, and other related factors.

The executive rules information the new processes and rights presented by the new Industrial Property Law in different classifications of industrial property rights that weren’t present in the initial law. These comprise the security of integrated circuit design creates, which plays a vital part in encouraging in securing electronic inventions and creations, that transform support the way of modern technology in the nation. It is additionally securing unrevealed detail, which inspires analysis and evolvement in the commercial and industrial sectors.

The executive rules also comprise different provisions regarding immediate requests, transforming patent applications into advantage certificate applications and the reverse. They give the possibility to split the application for patents, advantages certifications, and industrial layout into many applications, which features protecting different phases of their improvement, and assists to hold the process of reclaiming applications and the complaints process regarding application outcomes.

The patent and advantages certificate applications presented to the ministry between the years 2020 and 2021 got an increased rate of 26.7%. On the flip side, the application’s development score in the first quarter of 2022 was 17.8% in comparison to a similar tenure in 2021. The major sectors and activities comprised in those applications were electricity, transportation, paper, construction & mining, and textiles, amongst other crucial sectors.

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