Nirlep Bhatt – A Finance Leader’s Motivational Journey to Success 

Mr. Nirlep Bhatt is a finance leader known for embodying resilience, perseverance, adaptability, and continuous learning, Mr. Bhatt’s journey from a humble background in a small city reflects a path paved with discipline and unwavering commitment to self-improvement. Currently serving as the Group Finance Controller at Al Majid Jawad, he provides valuable insights into the milestones and challenges that have defined his professional journey.

In this discussion, Mr. Nirlep Bhatt shares reflections on pivotal moments and decisions that have played a crucial role in shaping his journey. From excelling academically to navigating the intricacies of the financial sector and triumphing over challenges, Mr. Bhatt delves into the key aspects of his path to success. He underscores the significance of mentorship, networking, and seizing opportunities for personal and professional maturation, highlighting how these aspects have significantly influenced his incredible career.

Within the interview, Mr. Nirlep delves into the importance of technical transformation and stability in contemporary business, underscoring their influence on both profitability and functional effectiveness. Leveraging his seasoned leadership experience, he offers insights into the core values of genuine leadership, extending beyond titles and designations. Mr. Nirlep emphasizes the essence of empowerment, collaboration, and the ability to inspire others as key elements in effective leadership.

A complete journey about the company? 

I consider myself lucky to have obtained the highly coveted Indian Chartered Accountancy certificate, which is known for its exacting requirements. My stimulation to follow this path was deeply rooted in two key factors:

Firstly, my natural aptitude in Mathematics was evident through my exceptional scores. In accounting-related subjects, I received a stellar 96% in grade 12 and a flawless 100 out of 100 in grade 10. 

In addition, I was acknowledged as one of the district’s Top 10 rank holders, demonstrating my ongoing proficiency in academic pursuits.

Second, the unique qualities of the Indian Chartered Accountancy course—like its affordability and meritocratic structure—were very important in influencing my choice. This was a career route that provided equal opportunities for everyone, regardless of background. Being from a middle-class, self-made household, I had limited opportunities to consider several professional paths. The affordability and prestige associated with the Indian Chartered Accountancy course made it an ideal and practical choice for me, aligning with my aspirations and circumstances.

The journey of the entrepreneur 

I hail from Jamnagar, a quaint city in Gujarat, India, where my journey began against the backdrop of a modest upbringing. In my pursuit of success, my foundational tools were simple yet powerful: unwavering hard work, disciplined efforts, and an unwavering focus on education. While I earned recognition as a meritorious student, I wouldn’t categorize myself as a genius or exceptionally talented. The key architects of my character were my late parents, who played an instrumental role in nurturing qualities of curiosity, creativity, and confidence within me.

Their influence extended to instilling essential values, including a passion for reading, respect for everyone, and a deep appreciation for nature. Embracing the saying, “My reading habit not only improved my vocabulary and communication skills but also made me a lifelong learner, as they say, “An open mind contains more wealth than an available bag.” The respect I developed for elders and those more knowledgeable instilled in me a profound sense of humility and gratitude. Additionally, my love for nature contributed to the gentleness and kindness embedded in my personality.

Little did I anticipate that these features would evolve into Critical Success Factors (CSF) in my life. Beyond enhancing my academic pursuits, they played a pivotal role in shaping my holistic personality and, significantly, in influencing and inspiring others.

Concluding my higher education in Ahmedabad, I initiated my professional journey in the same city. Following a tenure of over a year in Mumbai with India’s largest private sector bank, I embarked on a new chapter in 2008 by relocating to Qatar. My initial role in Qatar was with a multinational construction company, and later, I transitioned to one of the most extensive empires in the country. Presently, I hold the position of Group Finance Controller at Al Majid Jawad, representing a notable milestone in my career trajectory.

My leadership prowess is exemplified by my role as the Chairman of the Qatar (Doha) Chapter of ICAI during the term 2021-22, building upon six consecutive years of service on the executive committee. Additionally, I have assumed the position of President at the CA Toastmasters Club, served as an Area Director, and held various other esteemed roles, further showcasing my commitment to leadership and professional development. 

What are some of the projects or initiatives that you take particular pride in?

For my instrumental role in steering the flourishing expansion of an Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) project, I received acknowledgment from the senior leadership within our group. Serving as the Head of Finance, I navigated difficult business conditions, a difficult economic terrain, and global upheavals like the COVID-19 pandemic. Despite these challenges, our team adeptly collected budgets and working capital, maintaining a remarkable streak of eight successive years without resorting to exterior borrowing.

Throughout my articles (training period) leading up to qualification, I embarked on extensive travels covering the majority of districts in Gujarat, including its remote areas. One of the most significant turning points in my career was working as the internal audit coordinator for multi-million dollar projects funded by major organizations like the Asian Development Bank and the World Bank. Taking on these duties at an early age not only gave me priceless job experience but also greatly influenced the development of my interpersonal and managerial abilities.

What motivates you to persevere through difficult times?

I strongly adhere to the principle of staying dropped in success and flexible in the face of setbacks. In an environment where outcomes can sometimes overshadow efforts amid intense competition, I value the proactive practice of persistence, introspection, focused action, and a renewed sense of vigor.

During moments of failure, it becomes crucial to reflect on the initial reasons that sparked one’s journey. This introspection often unveils the necessary answers to persevere. It’s noteworthy that success, especially when it follows moments of failure, tends to be even more gratifying and sweeter.

Within this context, the significance of a mentor is immeasurable—an advisor who provides motivation and insight without passing judgment. I welcome learning opportunities from every individual I encounter, including those junior to me. I approach diverse perspectives and constructive criticism with wisdom and discernment.

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