Ocealics – Boat Fishing Trips and Tours in Dubai 

Ocealics is a Dubai-based fishing charter, giving deep sea fishing trips in the Dubai emirate to experience a memorable fishing trip of the coastline of Dubai and the United Arab Emirates. On its official website, Ocealics on regular basis publishes content on fishing, like fishing photos, blogs, FAQs, and many more. Ocealics also has social media existence on YouTube, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn.

Ocealics is recently spreadhead by Marwan Alnooryani, the chief executive officer of Ocealics. He is a growth-focused businessman who set the target to give top-tier services to people internationally in the sector. His direction arises from his deep cement with the ocean. In fact, when he was only 18 years old, Marwan Alnooryani was the youngest Scuba Diving Instructor in the United Arab Emirates.

However, the corporation is still in its starting days, Ocealics’ staff acts tough regularly to get its target and give top-notch half-day fishing tours to friends and families alike.

What are your goals as a company? 

At Ocealics, we formerly set the target to be the most suitable fishing tour operator in the United Arab Emirates and throughout the globe. Simultaneously, we act on quickly extending into other lines of business, like, jet skiing, scuba diving, other watersports, and water activities.

How did you get to where you are today?

Since its previous days, my company was decided to sustain high-end professionalism in dealing with both individuals and businesses. Throughout the appointing procedure of its fishing boat captains, Ocealics made sure to choose only the most useful. Fishing captains employed by Ocealics are certified lifeguards to make sure the protection of all the travelers for the tenure of a fishing trip. In addition, the staff is well-trained to give a pleasant experience and make sure no client gets off the boat without catching fish.

Why did you start this company?

In simple words, we began this company as we wanted to give a pleasant Ocealic experience to everybody. For us, this meant that if anybody wanted to take their friends or family on a boat fishing trip, they will not concern a second time prior to reaching out to Ocealics, over and over again.

Explain more about your services in Ocealics 

Our half-day deep-sea fishing trip comprises four complete hours of fishing, for around five people per trip, comprising kids of all ages. Fishing trips generally take place throughout the early morning and afternoon times. Onboard, complimentary cold refreshments are given free of charge. In addition, all fishing and security tool is given for the tenure of the trip. All fish caught is for the clients to take back home for fresh food.

In the above perspective, Ocealics recognizes that while a few friends and families like to book private fishing trips, other people prefer to book group fishing trips where everyone pays individually.

What are the company’s strategies, and how do they stand different from your competitors?

At Ocealics, we make sure to live up to and exceed hopes. For instance, for our four-hour fishing tours, the four hours begin after reaching the first fishing location and not from the time the fishing boat departs. Although, other fishing charters usually comprise time to the fishing spot within the four hours of the fishing trip.

How do you envision the company changing in two years, and how will you lead the change?

We hope to watch more decentralization and accelerated extension in size, activities, and geographic spots. Stemming from our philosophy of working smart and not only tough we plan to get the very productive methods to get our desired purposes in the short possible time.

In line with global best systems, we give half-day deep-sea fishing trips utilizing fishing rods and lines. According to the applicable environmental legal and guidelines, Ocealics doesn’t permit fishing for some species like sea turtles, dolphins, and sharks.

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