Pakistan’s Tazah Closes $6.5 Million Pre-seed For Its B2B Fresh Produce Marketplace

Lahore-headquartered business-to-business fresh vegetables market Tazah has increased $4.5 million in fresh budgets to close its $6.5 million in what is stated is the biggest pre-seed round of Pakistan. The current part of the round was co-led by Pakistan-based Fatima Gobi Ventures and Ankur Nagpal’s Vibe Capital.

The asset also comprises taking part from UAE’s Shorooq Partners and Nuwa Capital US-based Alter Global, Russia’s Ru-net, Julian. Kinnow Capital, Capital, K3 Fund, Early Grey Capital, and a few angel investors. Tazah had increased $2 million only 2 months back in a round conducted by Global Founders Capital and Zayn Capital. They have both also invested in the current contract with a few other living investors comprising i2i Ventures.

Established before this year by former Careem directors Abrar Bajwah and Mohsin Zaka, Tazah set targets to create a product line that will unravel problems in the food and agri industry, and enhance the lives of all the shareholders, especially farmers. This has begun with a marketplace that makes capable corporations, majorly micro retailers purchase fresh produce. The aggrotech startup sources the vegetables straight from farmers, grades and sorts them at its warehouses, and then sends them to the street sellers.

Inaugurated only 4 months back, Tazah claims to have developed to a yearly GMV of $7 million, with thousands of clients in Lahore and Karachi. A huge number of its clients utilize the app on regular basis, “showing a subscription-like ordering commonness.”

The Pakistani startup makes a plan to utilize the current capitals to extend its range in Karachi and Lahore, start new cities, and further increase its tech. This is also acting on a fintech product to give financing solutions to both sides of the market and is required to build one head for a little number of utilizers within weeks.

With Fatima Gobi Ventures’ support, now Tazah has a strategic partner in Fatima Group, which is one of the biggest players in the agriculture place of Pakistan – with interests in the sugar and fertilizer industry. Fatima Gobi Ventures is a JV between Fatima Group Gobi Partners.

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