Talk With Philippe Mathijs – Advisory and Mentoring in Leadership

Individual and professional growth frequently requires advice from qualified mentors and coaches. Philippe Mathijs is a famous outstanding coach with over 30 years of expertise traversing numerous sectors and cultures. He has established a name both for himself and his mentoring platform, Philippe Mathijs Mentoring, throughout the GCC area.

Watch this space for Philippe Mathijs’s insightful commentary on his unique mentoring approaches, pioneering vision for his coaching endeavor, and steadfast dedication to enabling people and organizations to achieve unprecedented success.

During Philippe’s time working as an economic services mentor, the concept of Philippe Mathijs Mentoring was born. He became aware that people were asking for his counsel more and more. The initial emphasis was on individual mentoring, but as Philippe’s reputation grew both domestically in the United Arab Emirates and internationally—thanks in large part to his leadership in the ICF Ethics Community of Practice—the vision changed. In response to the changing demands of the region, Philippe increased his mentoring options to include hybrid programs that integrate mentoring and learning. This was done in recognition of the desire for more comprehensive programs. The development of a globally recognized ICF coaching school dedicated to developing the next generation of coaches marked the apex of this upward trend.

Philippe boasts a wealth of global expertise spanning more than three decades, with a notable decade-long tenure at the C-level within the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC). His extensive background equips him with an intricate understanding of the professional landscape specific to the region. His broad experience gives him a deep awareness of the difficulties that modern executives encounter, especially in the GCC’s corporate environment. Understanding that every business is different, he designs his programs to meet the particular requirements of each customer while incorporating changing market demands with ease. 

Philippe highlights the need for customized programs that cater to particular needs in order to guarantee the best outcomes in terms of organizational expansion and the growth of leadership.

The need for professional mentoring services is rising in the area due to population increase. This has forced Philippe Mathijs Mentoring to quickly modify its curricula in order to meet the particular requirements of this growing group. Philippe is aware of the difficulties people with different cultural origins encounter while adjusting to various work settings. Philippe Mathijs Mentoring provides customized solutions to empower these folks in their career path. Because of his deep comprehension of market dynamics, Philippe is able to provide customers with tailored solutions that help them navigate changes and seize chances in cutthroat industries.

Philippe Mathijs Mentoring has deliberately created mentoring programs focusing on diversity-related issues. The goal of these programs is to equip executives with a comprehensive understanding of cultural differences, enabling them to leverage diversity as a catalyst for success and team cohesion. Philippe emphasizes the importance of leaders negotiating cultural nuances to foster inclusivity and cooperation within the workplace. Through customized coaching tactics, Philippe Mathijs Mentoring endeavors to cultivate pleasant work environments and bridge cultural gaps, ultimately leading to enhanced performance and organizational success.

With a linguistic grasp of the corporate world, Philippe Mathijs draws on his broad expertise in leadership, IT, and business risk. This gives him the capacity to understand the words, situations, and difficulties that customers use. 

Central to the success of Philippe Mathijs Mentoring is the utilization of various assessment tools such as ProfileXT, Myers-Briggs, Strengths Finder, and DiSC tests. TThese tools enable Philippe and his team to deliver clients with a thorough knowledge of their strengths, weaknesses, and progress, drawing insights from data. The individualized coaching plans are constructed using such evaluations as a base.

The overarching objective of Philippe Mathijs Mentoring is to assign both individuals and institutions to reach their highest possibility. Among their notable success stories is a client who aimed to ascend to a global leadership position within 24 months. Philippe’s team crafted a tailored mentoring program focusing on personal branding, charting the client’s brand evolution across multiple senior levels. The coaching sessions also addressed strategies to enhance institutional impact and mend challenging team dynamics. Remarkably, the client achieved their 24-month goal in just six months and was subsequently promoted.

Philippe Mathijs Mentoring has received multiple important awards recognizing its remarkable performance. However, Philippe feels that genuine success is measured by client happiness and professional growth. With each honor he receives, he is determined to raise the bar in terms of customer service.

Philippe is driven to develop, expand, and consistently raise the bar for customer service with every award he receives. In addition, he offers emerging entrepreneurs in the booming sector in the area vital advice and mentoring. Via hands-on mentoring and coaching meetings, the mentoring program gives young professionals critical skills. Philippe Mathijs Mentoring helps aspiring business owners overcome obstacles with resilience and confidence by teaching them everything from managing stakeholders and private advertising to confidence boosting.

Philippe hopes to establish his coaching platform as a well-known organization in the GCC and the UAE, recognized for providing top-notch leadership training and consultancy services. With a keen focus on the region’s distinct needs, Philippe plans to introduce tailored initiatives, such as leveraging his upcoming book, “How Not To Be Lonely At The Top,” set for release in May 2024, to bolster the company’s reputation.

Additionally, the mentoring program is spearheading initiatives aimed at nurturing the next cohort of executives. Through immersive workshops designed to be highly practical, these initiatives have the potential to propel individuals and businesses toward unprecedented levels of success.

With a rich legacy of success, Philippe Mathijs Mentoring is strategically positioned to continue its legacy by grooming the next generation of leaders.
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