Pieter De Bruyn Towards Solving Unemployment Crisis Worldwide 

Mr. Pieter De Bruyn is the co-founder of Wing.Studio. The Wing.Studio is a social platform formed to assist people to make their online portfolios, demonstrating their talents, and getting their perfect jobs. He has been always a personality who wishes to resolve the issues and can never sit still understanding he can do something for people. That is how the concept of Wing.Studio comes into presence. The corporation also has a presence on LinkedIn.

Mr. Pieter is an optimistic personality who trusts that today’s GenZ has an extreme probability of getting success. Therefore, he concentrates on getting out their reliable probability with the assistance of Wing.Studio. His desire was to assist young people to match their talents with the correct job. He did not accurately understand how to process this concept and was lucky and blessed that his way crossed with his now business partner Willie Maritz who has ample experience in online learning. With the input of Willie, he formed the concept to be a working enterprise. They began with product evolvement.

Wing.Studio is an online social media portal where young people can publish their talents, creating a reasonable account returning the old-style CV. They connect with the utilizer with possibilities depending on their posts, assisting them to form a credible portfolio. These possibilities can be jobs, training, learning, coaching, volunteering, internships, and more.

Wing.Studio should be the Go-to scope for any GenZ searching for chances to upskill themselves, demonstrating their remarkable capabilities. Wing.Studio should be the Go-to place for corporations, Youth Organizations, NGOs, and more. When they search for GenZs with particular talents. His target is to connect with talents to possibilities. In doing this, alleviate youth jobseekers.

They understand that the old-style CV only does not do the trick any longer. They also understand that nowadays corporations searching for more than just qualifications. They also search for the transferable talents of candidates. A CV can’t present transferable talents. Wing.Studio handled to evolve a podium where a corporation can find a holistic image of the applicant, comprising their formal talent but also their transferable talents. It relieves the HR personnel from the tedious work of undertaking loads of CVs as they streamline the procedure, saving them time and effort.

The reason behind starting the company is that he understands that, one could be a very skilled and proficient person across the globe, but in case you’re in the wrong atmosphere, you would never flourish. He believes that everybody is gifted with capabilities and talents. This is their task to get those talents and capabilities are and in which climate you can reside those talents to access your complete probability.

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