Introducing Qwaiting : An intuitive tool to transform traditional business practices.

What is your Product name and contacts ?

The name of product is “Qwaiting”. It is a queue management software that helps the organizations to manage the flow of customers along with boosting their staff productivity. Overall, it is a perfect tool to escalatethe growth of the company and generate revenue. 

You can get in touch with us on the mentioned contact details:

Email Id –

Contact number – 

USA: +1 760 689 9009 

Singapore: +65 6909 9163 

Australia: + 61 39 999 7461 

India: +91 941 703 5046 

United Arab Emirates: +971-43408962, +971-544352109

Who are the founders and co-founders of the product?

Mr. Rohit Garg is the proud founder of Qwaiting. He is the sole brain behind the tool that is revolutionizing the ways that companies operate.

A complete journey about the product? When you have started, how and where?

The journey of Qwaiting is very fascinating. Mr. Rohit Garg discovered the need of launching this software when he encountered one of his friends in Singapore. During their usual conversation, his friend conveyed the challenges of his business. He was struggling with the management of the customers and was not able to offer the services well. This led to reduced income. So eventually in April 2018, Qwaiting was launched in Singapore with the vision to help companies owning small-scale or large businesses to bring efficiency in their work and attend to the customers.

The journey of founder and co-founders?

So, the journey of Rohit Garg is very inspiring for every individual who dreams of making a change in the IT sector and establishing their name. To start with, Mr. Garg is a degree holder in the computer field and is very tech savvy. He later started working in the development area and aimed to introduce software that can transform the old traditional methods of doing business. He wanted to automate the operation to allow the staff to greet and serve the customers efficiently and fulfill their requirements without rushing from one task to another. Finally, he came up with a wonderful and fully functional queue management software named “Qwaiting”. There will be many more solutions to come up with and I’m looking ahead to coming up with many more solutions.

Who are your customers? And have you supplied it to anyone? What is the feedback?

In this short period of time, we have established relationships with many customers all over the globe. They have integrated the Qwaiting with their system for seamless functioning. Though we have a big list of clients, few of them are mentioned below:

● Fair Price

● Skechers

● L’oréal

● Marina Square

● Changi Airport and many more.

Qwaiting always received positive and appreciative feedback from its client. There are many testimonials present on our website but would like to mention one to you.

Feedback by MND Singapore – “Rohit and team have been extremely helpful in assisting us with implementing our queue system. They have accommodated and assisted with suggestions to enhance the total user knowledge. Thank you for all the good work done!”

What support do you need from the public and customers?

Well, there is no support needed to Qwaiting. Instead, people who are struggling with the management of the companies can schedule a free demo and try the software to experience the difference in the operations.

Is there any breakeven?

During our initial days of launching the software, we faced breakeven. But with the passing days as we connected with many clients globally, there was no such situation. We have been successful in earning profit. 

Your website and social media pages.

You can visit us on our website and social media pages. The links are provided below

Website :

Instagram –

Pinterest –

Twitter –

Facebook –


Are you looking for investors? If yes then how much?

Well, we are not looking for investors currently.

Message to your customers and viewers The only message to every customer or the person viewing this is that Qwaiting can actually redefine the business and make the services convenient for the customers. It will earn you more happy and satisfied customers which is most important to thrive against the competitors. It reduces the workload and helps your staff to focus on serving the customers.

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