Raed Gh. Taha – Empowering Arab Artists, Reviving Heritage Art

In the heart of the Arab art world, a visionary leader is redefining the landscape of creativity and cultural expression. Meet Raed Gh. Taha: the founder of FunoonArab FZ-LLC, a dynamic enterprise committed to empowering artists and breathing new life into heritage art forms. With over 25 years of diverse experience in the financial, ICT, and Fintech sectors, Raed’s passion for art led him to bridge the gap between talented Arab artists and global recognition. Through the groundbreaking Funooni platform and innovative initiatives, Raed Gh. Taha is on a mission to reshape the Arab art scene and foster a thriving community of artists, art enthusiasts, and cultural preservation. Let’s learn more about Raed Gh. Taha. 

What is Raed Gh. Taha company name and contacts?

The company name is FunoonArab FZ- LLC ( Funooni Platform )

Contacts: Raed Gh. Taha M: +966 56 021 0202

Who are the founders and co-founders of the company?

The name of the founder is Raed Gh. Taha and the Co-Founder is Jacques El Boustany. 

A complete journey about the owner of the company? When you have started, how and where?

FunoonArab, the brainchild of a group of art enthusiasts and lovers, emerged from the realization of a crucial gap in the art market, particularly in the Arab region. Led by founder Raed Taha, the team noticed the lack of due recognition for talented Arab artists and the underrepresentation of art forms depicting Arab culture and heritage. This discrepancy was attributed to market inconsistencies, unfair practices, and limited access to the latest technology.

Unifying their passion for art and a shared vision to revive and promote heritage art forms, the team established FunoonArab, which now owns and operates the dynamic Funooni platform. The platform serves as the flagship venture, offering a range of initiatives aimed at empowering and supporting artists from the Arab world.

Based in the United Arab Emirates, FunoonArab is strategically positioned to serve the entire MENA region with future plans to expand its reach to support international artists and contribute to the global art community.

As an innovative Free Zone Limited Liability Company (FZ-LLC), FunoonArab is committed to fostering an ecosystem that nurtures artistic talent, celebrates cultural heritage, and bridges the gap between artists and art enthusiasts across borders. Through their collective efforts, they aspire to reshape the art landscape and create opportunities for artists to thrive, thereby enriching the world with diverse artistic expressions from the Arab region and beyond. 

The journey of the founder and co-founders?

Founder: Raed Taha, a seasoned professional with a remarkable career spanning over 25 years in the financial, ICT, and Fintech sectors. Throughout his journey, he has held esteemed positions with both regional and global ICT companies, leaving an indelible mark on the industry. 

Raed’s expertise includes key roles at renowned ICT companies such as Nour Smart Solutions and Nour Pay in Saudi Arabia, Waseela For Telecom Consultations in Dubai, and RedLine in Canada. His contributions have also extended to the financial domain, where he has worked with prestigious institutions like JP Morgan Chase Bank in Vancouver, Canada, and the Egyptian Arab Land Bank in Palestine.

To complement his extensive professional experience, Raed holds a Bachelor’s degree in Economics and a Master’s degree in Information Systems from the prestigious University of Jordan. Additionally, he has a Master’s degree in Applied Finance from the University of Western Sydney, solidifying his prowess in the financial landscape.

With an impressive track record and a wealth of knowledge, Raed Taha plays a pivotal role in spearheading FunoonArab’s mission to support artists in the Arab world and revive heritage art forms. His multifaceted expertise has been instrumental in guiding the company’s growth and impact on the art market, showcasing his passion for nurturing talent and advancing the art world globally.

Co-Founder: Jacques El Boustany currently holds the esteemed position of CEO at Ramla Real Estate Development in Saudi Arabia. With a wealth of international experience under his belt, Jacques has an impressive track record of co-founding and managing companies in diverse sectors, including design, trading, real estate development, and contracting.

His journey in the industry has been enriched by his academic achievements, as he holds a Master of Architecture from the renowned Lebanese University. This academic background has undoubtedly contributed to his expertise and innovative approach in the field of real estate development.

As the CEO of Ramla Real Estate Development, Jacques brings a dynamic and visionary leadership style, driving the company’s growth and success. His multifaceted experience in various industries reflects his versatility and entrepreneurial spirit, positioning him as a key player in the business landscape.

Who are your customers? And have you supplied it to anyone? What is the feedback?

Our esteemed customers encompass a diverse community of artists seeking to showcase and sell their artwork to a global audience. Through our platform, artists gain a dedicated space to present their creations, be they paintings, sculptures, or any other physical or digital artwork. Our reach extends worldwide, allowing customers from various corners of the globe to purchase these unique pieces online.

Additionally, our creative team offers a cutting-edge service of digitizing physical artwork, transforming them into valuable NFTs (Non-Fungible Tokens). This process adds value to existing artwork, opening up new commercial opportunities for artists.

Our commitment to supporting artists goes beyond just providing a marketplace. We prioritize artist exposure by offering social media support and connecting them with renowned local and international galleries, thereby broadening their reach and audience.

Furthermore, we take pride in ensuring the protection of all artwork. By employing NFTs, artists maintain ownership rights to their creations, granting them greater security against theft while enabling them to claim royalties directly.

The feedback from our esteemed customers, which includes numerous tier-one and featured artists, has been overwhelmingly positive. Many artists have entrusted us with digitizing their physical artwork into NFTs, breathing new life into their creations. The satisfaction and excitement of these artists are evident as they witness their artwork transcend its physical form and gain a new digital dimension. The success stories of artists finding new networking opportunities, collaborations, and increased recognition through our platform further motivate us to continue our mission of empowering artists worldwide.

What support do you need from the public and customers?

The public can support us by spreading awareness about our platform and our passion to serve the art and art community in the Arab world. 

Is there any breakeven?

We just started and despite we are not yet at the breakeven point, our sales exceeded our expectations for this phase.

Your website and social media pages.

Website: https://www.funooni.com/ 

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/funoonii/

Are you looking for investors? If yes then how much?

Yes, we are in the pre-series phase and we are looking to raise 1.5 M

Message to your customers and viewers

FunoonArab values art because of its influence and timelessness.

We are committed to preserving ancient art forms and heritage art to show the world the rich history behind every work. All artworks have stories to tell and telling that journey of how they came to be is our main focus.

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