Roger Halaby From An Era To The Other 

Mr. Roger Halaby is the CEO of the Hanging Gardens Agency. With more than twenty years of experience, he has extreme experience in business development, interaction with clients, corporate leadership, advertising, and marketing.

Through the Hanging Gardens Agency, Mr. Roger Halaby set the target to comply with the right communication methods to direct brands toward greater visibility in the online sphere. The Hanging Gardens Agency is a contemporary day full-service marketing firm paid attention to innovative thinking and customer behavior. The company gives customized communications, content, and methods and complies with the current trends to make sure valuable outcomes for the clients. The company also has social media existence on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn.

After completing his MBA qualification successfully, his career, fortunately, began as an account manager with Memac Ogilvy Riyadh in 2001, till he connected with Intermarket – Menacom Group as a Group account director in 2006. In 2010, he was assigned as Country General Manager at AGAADK till choosing to shift to the Dubai emirate in 2014 to co-found and handle Quse Qommunications as CEO.

The Hanging Gardens Agency is an innovative idea formed on the comprehension that today’s most valuable currency is affordable inventive content, along with brand experience and social media communications, as this has been never more vital for a brand, a corporation, or a person to stand out from the digital crowd. The firm abides by a client-oriented, boutique business model that gives customized interaction solutions and deep analyzes the budget of the clients versus desired return on investment.

They do not compete with anybody, as what they get to the table is a full turnaround on the commercial methods of advertising and marketing resolutions obtainable in the market. Their business model comprises deep academics combined with the current trends targeting to get value for brands to get desired purposes.

Strength. They stay positive amid adversity. They spot prospects in the driest sectors. What varies from one businessman to another is the ability to overcome hurdles smartly while computing hazards wisely and driving the wheel of the form towards new unexplored regions.

He started this company as he knew that conventional strategies were not relevant anymore and that a more authentic method was needed. He always trusted that clients can be served better, that brands can be treated with extra care and focus, and more academic work is required to place a brand on top of the pyramid.

Moreover. He can never accept the truth that interaction is a simple work of robust rapports or networking to get business. On the contrary, he trusts that professional work and results would end up standing the winner in such a competitive age.

The imposed reality of the pandemic pushed them at the agency to be very innovative to maintain the accelerated digital pace. They watched a positive possibility for the customer to be at home throughout the lockdown. So, they invested in the first content online portal of its type that sells unique content to brands and individuals elsewhere they are across the globe.

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