Room And Mates: Unique Approach to Shared Living Spaces 

Mr. Stefan shifted to the Dubai Emirate in 2019 to begin his own enterprise. He has always had a passion for startups and is willing to build them from the ground up. Starting two years ago, Room and Mates, his business venture, has stayed loyal to his guests and has continued to develop. This becomes the top rental property management company in UAE, to assist people to shift and begin living.

What are your goals?

Our target as a corporation is to grow by 30% this year. We wish to give expatriates a choice to reside in a community that allows them to express themselves. We trust in assisting people to reside their best in a supportive community.

What do you think is the biggest strength of yourself and your company? 

Our biggest strength is that we’re really treasured by our guests. We are blessed with a very skilled staff who ensures our shared bed areas are the most suitable in the United Arab Emirates. Over 67% of guests are long-term tenants staying with us for over one year, and we constantly strive to accommodate their requests. We get monthly feedback and make sure that our guests are having the most suitable experience.

Why did you start this company? 

A situation occurred once where one of my workers was expelled from their housing quarters and arrived at me for assistance. I ultimately got that most of my workers in my corporation were residing in sub-standard shared areas and were standing as treated badly, as they had no better options.

As I watched the partitioned areas and the bad features they were living in, I formed it my mission to analyze and get the reason for the shortage of better bed spaces that were comfortable to reside in and were not overcrowded.

After a rapid market watch, I understood that there was an ample lack of shared spaces that are convenient and adhere to the rules of the Dubai Emirate. We follow article 24 of law no 26 of 2007 of the country, which specifies the rules of shared spaces. The truth that the emirate is a quick development city, that continually tries to facilitate expatriates formed this desire of mine, more realistic.

What are the biggest challenges you have to overcome? 

One of the biggest challenges and difficulties we have faced is transforming the stigma around sharing residing in the emirate. around 93% of people who have even resided in shared living can share a bad experience. We wish people to understand that we are distinct and that we care for our guests. We intend to set the proper norm for shared bed space in the Dubai Emirate. 

Throughout covid-19, we went through dramatic times and several of our guests lost their jobs. Although, I formed my vision to maintain our guest’s desires alive. To ensure none of my 350-plus guests were evicted for nonpayment, I restructured the whole rental plan, to alleviate their stress and provide them time to get new jobs.

What are the company’s strategies, and how do they stand different from your competitors?

Our corporation is the first to give property-managed bed space at a pinch of the price of possessing an apartment in the United Arab Emirates, by up to over 50%. We are continually resourcing and getting inventive things to present to Room & Mates. We pre-skilled all our guests to make sure security of all current or new guests.

The peaceful atmosphere and secrecy that our visitors appreciate are what sets us apart from other residing spaces in the Dubai Emirate. Our buildings are furnished with protection 24& and are maintained on regular basis.

How do you envision the company changing in two years, and how will you lead the change?

As the emirate is standing more open and welcoming to the expatriate community, by giving stay-back possibilities, Golden Visas, and more friendly educational programs placed the target at constant education for kids of the migrant community, I watch more prospects in giving shared living areas at cost-effective for people.

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