Ross – Tokenization Is A New Trend In The Financial Markets 

Financial markets are becoming fair, active, and transparent thanks to tokenization. This is transforming the way things work in financial markets and would most likely transform the financial markets’ infrastructures in the coming future. Here we talking about Mr. Ross Shemeliak, the Co-Founder and CEO at Stobox.

Mr. Ross gives modern specialization in the crypto and tokenized assets industries with Stobox. Stobox is the Top-5 turn-key tokenization provider internationally and is concentrating on leading toward upcoming digital assets’ evolution and progress. Ross is a hardworking and dedicated businessman who concentrates on tackling difficulties head-on and finding creative solutions.

Stobox is an award-winning fintech and tokenization corporation that holds a greatly proficient team. They assist businesses to make new possibilities and smoothly enter the crypto world. The corporation also has social media presence on LinkedIn, Twitter, and Telegram.

Explain the background of your and the company

I was intrigued by economics and everything regarding it from my teenage period. After finishing graduation, I attended a study-in-practice economics course by the Vice Prime Minister of the economy of Ukraine, where my staff and I were honored for being bright students.

I began my finance career as a financial analyst in a hedge fund. My job was to consult and assist business people investing in the stock market, commodities, and cryptocurrency. This completely absorbed me in futures and stock trading, the Wall Street market, and how it works in technique out in the true world.

While performing there, I came into the technical and quick-developing blockchain market. So, I started to examine this technology much more intensely and began forming my crypto portfolio. I also began trading Bitcoin, which permitted me to obtain a much more intimate countenance of the blockchain technologies and tools and guide within the different assignments.

Stobox is a multi-award-winning corporation that gives technology and conferring to support clients avail digital assets and tokenized protections. Throughout the previous 3 years, Stobox evolved two blockchain-based products, run 55000+ hours of analysis, suggested over 30 clients, and formed rapports in over 10 nations. Stobox exists at the intersection of conventional finance & crypto and strives to make businesses capable of executing decentralized technologies, simplifying functions with digital protections, and eliminating hassles to their adoption. Stobox is a Top-5 turn-key tokenization provider across the globe. The corporation works as a system integrator and covers services and products regarding the protection tokens and tokenization, from viability studies to the secondary market.

What are your goals? 

My first goal is to present other private corporations to tokenization and assist fundraise utilizing the Stobox services and products successfully. The second target is to educate and assist make new business models that would open new possibilities for businessmen globally utilizing solutions like utility tokens, web3, NFT, and security tokens.

Moreover, I set the target to open an opportunity for public investors globally to take the part in the small offerings of private corporations and advantage from it as tokenization assists common investors participating from $1.000 and becoming stakeholders of the corporations.

Finally, I wish to give a tool of a secondary market for corporations without being public. In this situation, stakes become liquid, so you do not require to wait for the IPO and spend much time and money on it. That is why, Stobox would start in some weeks a Digital Securities Swap, a remarkable DeFi liquidity solution for security tokens and crypto assets, to meet the market fit.

What do you think is the biggest strength of yourself and your company right now?

Community, people, corporate culture, and perfect knowledge. I trust in community-driven businesses, and your clients are your perfect investors. For instance, in the term of GameStop, we watch that a vital point is a community in today’s world. In case you have fans of your assignment, you can expect loyalty and complete involvement with the activities of your corporation.

For the previous 4 years, we at Stobox have formed several mistakes, spent a lot of money and time around tokenization, and are recently assisting other corporations to avoid them. Nowadays, the tech part is smooth, but in order to give such inventive services, you require to hold an ideal knowledge of the industry. You require to spend a lot of time and money to get it.

How did you get to where you are today?

Life is a big journey. We began the Stobox corporation only from the concept of merging the concept of digital crowdfunding with crypto and conventional financial markets, with 0 money and so much energy. Now Stobox is a huge corporation with 70 people working on assignments and a valuation of USD 25.000.00. Throughout the journey, we formed several mistakes, did a corporation pivot, and now faced a market fit.

Tell us about a project that forced you to be innovative and creative

Tokenization is a rising market, so you cannot survive without standing inventive and creative. At Stobox, we assist our customers in granting stakes, which is a remarkable and liable move in any corporation, and in making new advanced business models.

For instance, I’m very impressed with the Landshare Corporation that is doing tokenization of real estate with Stobox. Landshare has a remarkable business model with communication between security token, and NFT, and this is properly transforming the paradigm of selling conventional real estate. In this situation, Landshare permits small investors to purchase a part of the real estate of little homes in the US and get dividends from it. Landshare would be the first corporation to conduct a secondary market of STO, utilizing the new Stobox Digital Securities Swap.

What are the company’s strategies, and how do they stand different from your competitors?

There are several reasons why. From Covid-19 to the international trend to move from web 2.0 to web 3.0 First, you need to comprehend that tokenization is a trillion-dollar market. There is over $5 trillion value of real estate internationally. Apart from this, tokenization also suits several other industries, like investment funds, natural resources, and several other private businesses. In the previous year, the demand for tokenization has grown by over 1.000%, so SMEs now have a request to utilize such inventive tools for their business.

From my perspective, the tokenization market isn’t about competition but collaboration. As in such an inventive and huge market, this is essential to stake performing practices more rapidly and teach businesses what these technologies are and how to utilize them to pace up the transition procedure.

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