Sarath Sankar’s Tech Startup CURE Transforming Health And Wellness Delivery

Sarath Sankar is the founder of CURE, a health and wellness technology enterprise. Recently, the enterprise is located in India and the United Arab Emirates. Although, Sarath and the staff set the target to extend it all around India and GCC nations in the Future. He thinks about the invention that affects life and assists the health and wellness community internationally. The whole management and staff have a merged experience of around forty years. With his experience, fondness, and drive, he with his staff is making CURE one of the top upcoming tech enterprises in the sector of health and wellness.

Since the age of 20, Mr. Sankar has been performing on assignments and startups. He thinks that the health & wellness industry is dispersed, and this requires exclusiveness and international effect. Through CURE, he targets to make that effect.

He is a focused and tenacious personality. He pays attention to the inventions that affect people’s lives internationally. He was the Director of Data for an Artificial Intelligence hub in the United Arab Emirates and established some startups. He is also a mentor and an investor for startups in India and the Middle East.

Internationally, almost 200 people visit health and wellness shops on regular basis, and this differs between tier 1, 2, and 3 cities. On average, 100 to 200 people regularly visit distinct fitness hubs for fitness activities in tier 1 and 2 cities. Daily a remarkable score of footprints, hospital transactions, OP bookings, and bookings occur in hospitals and clinics. 30 million people go through Mental Health treatment in India per year. CURE’s creative product forum targets completing all health & wellness requirements with high care and ease.

The fundamental target of Mr. Sankar is to start CURE inventions in several nations as probable to empower the delivery of health and wellness to the district in every nation a lot quicker and more virtually. CURE would be the quickest Unicorn in the territory, giving several customers in every nation where they function, with significant profits from all its channels. They set the target to take it to IPO in five years.

Mr. Sarath explained that the whole team is a blend of seasoned youth and veterans. Everybody is focused and determined to affect the sector of health & wellness. They merged over forty years of seasoned staff and board members who have huge experience in every sector they manage, like operations, healthcare, technology, logistics, supply chain, data, and more.

The abundance of fondness and excitement in every team member with high knowledge in their specialization encourages others to work better to get the most useful through CURE. There is just one separate target – to make the people live smooth, and comfortable in the health and wellness sector.

CURE would be demonstrated in around 10+ nations in 18 months. His department heads and staff are doers with clear4-cut actions, and KPI is followed and provided. They stick to the procedure with not only quarterly assessments. They perform for twenty days, pocket-sized small duration with actionable targets.

CURE is a creative digital health & wellness tech with a desire to change health and wellness service internationally through its inventive products. To be very particular, CURE gives any health & wellness requirements with high comfort, quicker same-day delivery, comfortable reach a health & wellness shops, and an array of options in one touch.

They also help with complete one-to-one reach to any health, wellness, and mental wellbeing requirements through their forum. Operate by an amazing team and board, run by an Intelligent digital system that authorizes B2C for their health & wellness requirements and business to business shareholders to produce more business by giving the district quicker, better, and more comfort through their apps.

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