Seemab – An Experienced Businessmen Towards Inventive Delivery Services 

Seemab – An Experienced Businessmen Towards Inventive Delivery Services 

Seemab Sikandar is the founder and Chief Executive Officer of Seemab Sikandar Delivery Services LLC and SS Group of companies. He spreadhead the unit to develop the status it is today. In addition, He performs hard with his staff so that everybody in the United Arab Emirates can experience the delectable and high food and distinct goods at fair costs on their doorsteps. The SS Group gives quick delivery, which makes them more complementary. They also have a social media existence Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, and Facebook.

Seemab and his staff are experienced experts and businessmen with great knowledge in their domain. From food and goods picking to delivery, their whole procedures are seamless and reliable. The modern technology and inventive delivery services strategies make quicker and protective delivery of products possible at SS Group.

Explain the background of yourself and your company 

Seemab Sikandar Delivery Services LLC is a delivery services corporation that is located in Dubai that majorly deals as a 3PL services provider just throughout the United Arab Emirates, cooperating with around each different food and courier delivery giants such as Deliveroo, Noon, Talabat, Careen, and Kitopi Kitchens since 2017. The business is formed on a patented tech pile that enhances the 3PL services, making supply chain productivity.

What do you think is the biggest strength of yourself and your company right now?

We have a very skilled and seasoned team in the food delivery sector. We have very seasoned drivers to make safe and protective rides. Other members come from outside the food delivery sector and get decades of the supply chain, legal, and finance specialization to the team.

The team has endured sector, startup, and geopolitical obstacles to get what is formed in such a little duration. We hold so much grit and stamina and change difficulties into possibilities.

Why did you start this company? 

I didn’t become a chief executive officer or the director of a corporation. I form this brick by brick and adore the popularity of conducting business here from the government. The prospect of forming a business in an overseas market is never a part of the game. I witnessed it as a different difficulty to face in the journey of life.

What are the biggest challenges you have to overcome?

Forming a creative business model in an overseas market that I’ve never traveled or evolved rapports in has proven to be my highest difficulty when forming this business. This is quite irregular for an individual to first work as a delivery boy and then stand as the CEO of the 3PL as a service provider of drivers after years of hard work. I faced several challenges in starting and getting an item to fit in a nation with very supportive business guidelines.

Tell us about a project that forced you to be innovative and creative

In 2020, our business got more powerful in the position. I call the incredible benefit or a blessing in camouflage for the business. We increased the score of workers and the business agreement in delivery services, presenting new classifications and products while decreasing costs to drive volume while permitting our COGS to be affordable remarkably.

What are the company’s strategies, and how do they stand different from your competitors?

We value the client’s needs and align with them completely to feature the function seamlessly. We maintain our team updated about the delivery service duties and the rules and related officials. Our most important concern is our workers. I think that’s the matter that differentiates us in the market.

In the end, resolve, decisiveness, and patience were the very vital matters that assisted me to overcome difficulties. Not happening, in specific, stands out as existing outstanding. Although, I’ve found that nothing is more passionate to staff than watching its director remain committed and dedicated through the very difficult possibilities.

How do you envision the company changing in two years, and how will you lead the change?

I see my business as a part of my overall journey, and I’m willing to extend my business across the Middle East region. Under new circumstances, I expect our corporation culture would tolerate and constant to develop. What is the direction of your leadership? What advantages does your corporation offer its clients in this competitive market? Our clients are getting a high product at a very fair cost.

We give our clients with car and bike drivers as 3PL service providers in the sector of delivery services. Our services are distributed throughout the UAE at reasonable costs. We set the target to elevate our business to ten entities in the GCC by 2024 by inaugurating a virtual medium of delivery services to deliver foods and goods.

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