Senior Citizens in the UAE Ranked Among the Happiest Globally

In the UAE, senior citizens are taken care of by the country’s leaders who make sure they are comfortable and have everything they need. For example, Gouwayah, a widow from the UAE, got a special visit from President Sheikh Mohamed. He personally checked on her and made sure she had everything she needed for her well-being. He even arranged for her to receive complete care and any other necessities she required.

Similarly, another elderly citizen named Ali Al Hassan, who is 90 years old and lives in Fujairah, received a visit from Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, the Vice-President and Prime Minister of the UAE and Ruler of Dubai. Sheikh Mohammed made sure that Ali and his wife got the medical treatment they needed promptly. It shows how much the leaders care about the well-being of senior citizens in the UAE.

Senior Citizens’ National Policy

In 2018, the UAE initiated a national policy dedicated to senior citizens, aiming to offer them comprehensive care systems, discounts, and protection programs. The nation’s dedication to the welfare and assistance of its senior citizens is emphasized by this policy.

Under the purview of the Ministry of Health and Prevention, several initiatives were launched to enhance healthcare services specifically tailored to the elderly demographic. These initiatives focus on ensuring seamless access to medical facilities and specialized treatments, thereby addressing the unique healthcare needs of senior citizens.

The Emirates Healthcare Foundation also introduced mobile clinics in rural places as a proactive measure. These mobile medical units are manned by licensed medical professionals and furnished with cutting-edge amenities. These mobile clinics’ main goal is to deliver vital healthcare services right to senior persons’ doorsteps in underserved and remote regions. This initiative aims to bridge the gap in healthcare access and ensure that senior citizens across the UAE have access to quality medical care, regardless of their geographical location.

Bringing Services to Their Doorsteps

Senior Emiratis often have medical personnel visit their homes to check on them and provide assistance as needed. These house calls cover a broad range of medical services, including dental work, physiotherapy, and medical laboratory tests. The goal is to provide senior folks with the varied healthcare they require in the convenience and familiarity of their own homes.

In Sharjah, Sheikh Dr. Sultan bin Mohammed Al Qasimi, Supreme Council Member and Ruler of Sharjah has taken proactive measures to confirm the availability of dedicated centers for senior residents. These centers serve as essential hubs for healthcare delivery, offering comprehensive services and support tailored to the unique needs of senior citizens. By establishing such facilities, Sheikh Dr Sultan bin Mohammed Al Qasimi demonstrates his commitment to promoting the health and well-being of senior residents in Sharjah, fostering a community where elderly individuals receive the care and attention they deserve.

Quick actions

During a call-in program in Sharjah, a woman named Um Khaled raised concerns about the fees associated with her health insurance. As the mother of a Sharjah government employee, she was entitled to health insurance coverage but expressed dissatisfaction with the costs incurred.

In response to Um Khaled’s complaint, Sheikh Sultan, the Supreme Council Member and Ruler of Sharjah, took decisive action by directing the cancellation of her health insurance card. Rather, he made sure that her care would now be paid for by the University Hospital’s senior citizens’ program.

Sheikh Sultan further underlined that the University Hospital offers complete, free medical care to senior citizens. These services encompass various aspects of healthcare, including transportation to and from the hospital. By providing such extensive support, Sheikh Sultan reaffirmed his commitment to prioritizing the well-being and healthcare needs of senior citizens in Sharjah.

Financial Assistance Priority

Apart from healthcare, the UAE government extends financial aid to senior citizens, alleviating their financial strain and safeguarding their economic well-being.

Senior Emiratis enjoy preferential treatment across government entities, where they are given priority in service delivery and transaction processing. This prioritization underscores the government’s commitment to catering to the needs of its elderly population and ensuring their comfort and convenience.

In Abu Dhabi, numerous government agencies go the extra mile by offering direct services to the homes of senior citizens. For instance, the Abu Dhabi Police extends in-home services to individuals with disabilities and elderly residents who are unable to visit the center due to mobility constraints or other health-related reasons. This initiative exemplifies the government’s dedication to inclusivity and accessibility, ensuring that all citizens, including seniors, have access to essential services and support in their own homes.

Complimentary Transport and Educational Opportunities

The Department of Transport in Abu Dhabi offers complimentary taxi cards to seniors aged 60 and above, regardless of their nationality. These cards entitle them to lifetime free travel on all public transportation services within Abu Dhabi. In order to ensure older persons’ ease and accessibility, specific positions have been set aside for them in often visited areas throughout the United Arab Emirates. Moreover, public transportation facilities are equipped with special amenities tailored to the needs of senior citizens, enhancing their overall travel experience.

In Dubai, senior citizens and residents aged 60 and above enjoy discounted fares on public transportation services. Additionally, designated parking areas offering free parking are available for citizens with disabilities and seniors aged 60 and above. These initiatives aim to facilitate mobility and improve the quality of life for senior citizens in Dubai.

Education opportunities are also accessible to senior citizens across the UAE, with literacy centers strategically distributed throughout the country. In Abu Dhabi, various regions host literacy centers that offer both morning and evening classes, catering to the diverse schedules and preferences of senior learners. These centers play a vital role in promoting lifelong learning and skill development among senior citizens, empowering them to lead fulfilling and enriching lives.

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