Shindagha Tunnel To Reopen And Ease Traffic Between Deira And Bur Dubai

Dubai’s Roads and Transport Authority would re-open the Shindagha tunnel for traffic in the direction from Deira to Bur Dubai, complying with the accomplishment of performance to connect the Infinity Bridge and the new bridges with the tunnel.

The re-opening of the tunnel and connection to the new bridges with the Shindagha Corridor would increase the road capability by 3,000 vehicles per hour, getting its prevailing ability to 15,000 vehicles per hour.

RTA formed alters to the traffic signs in the place to make sure the seamless flow of traffic from Deira with tunnel re-opening in the direction from Deira to Bur Dubai. The traffic signal in the tunnel in the direction from Bur Dubai to Deira would rest because this is and is open for road utilizers.

RTA has called on motorists to follow the speed limits, and comply with the traffic signs to their location as follows – The traffic actions leading to the Falcon Junction have to drive rightwards at the 2-lane entrance of the bridge.

The traffic signal in the order of Jumeirah has to drive leftwards at the single-lane entrance of the bridge and cross the Falcon Junction via a 2-lane northern bridge in the path of Jumeirah.

The traffic arriving from the intersection on Shidagha Tunnel can move to Deira by carrying the free rightward lane leading to the Infinity Bridge or lead straight to Bur Dubai and Jumeirah via Bridge in the path of the Falcon Junction.

The traffic arriving from Al Mamzar, Omar Bin Al Khattab Street, and Al Khaleej Street can head to Bur Dubai and Jumeirah visa the Infinity Bridge or Shindagha Tunnel by complying with the traffic signs from Deira side. The traffic arriving from Palm Deira Metro Station and Corniche Street can lead to the access Infinity Bridge via an upper tier of Corniche Street.

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