Sky River Systems

The founder of Sky River Systems, Faheema Mohammed Ali, has managed to build innovative devices that specialize in turning fog into the water, and profits have touched 200 percent since the start of the pandemic Covid-19. She has grown a product that kills all kinds of viruses, which has gained a lot of acceptance from clients.

Throughout her performance at Etihad Airways, she observed that due to the occurrence of fog several flights get interrupted, they are either postponed or canceled. She took benefit of the modern technology utilized in aviation to decrease the problems of fog by turning fog into the water, and from here she set up a corporation specializing in this sector and support the efforts of the country to get water self-sufficiency in the times to come.

In 2015, Faheema received help from business advisors in Dubai to get an Intelaq business license, in addition to facilitating the procedure of obtaining agreements and contracts from government and private units that are willing to do business with her.

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