Smart City Projects for A Smart Future

Mateusz Jarosiewicz is the founder of NEOS Nowy System. This also has an online existence on LinkedIn. Moreover, he is the first polish Sheikh to build the first functioning system for cities and the new method NEOS. This means that he is the champion and creator of the functioning system idea for cities City2.0 NEOS. Not just that, but he is also the builder of the think-and-do tank Smart Cities Polska and the Deputy editor-in-chief of the city –, committed to smart cities.

Mr. Mateusz set the targets to change cities and nations for a good future where social possibilities and skills pave the way. Moreover, he already has applied many smart city ideals in Europe and plans to extend to various regions, comprising, the Middle East, Asia, and Africa.

He began his smart city assignments in 2012, where he faced many obstacles and accusations from the people. Although, he never gave up. He decided to change cities and nations for living interdependent lives. Moreover, they make capable new social prospects through applying skill podiums in real spots utilizing digital twins and universes composed for every single city.

As a creative founder, he always would be a conduit between required sources and people. His part only is to watch the future and get concrete ways towards it, which is meeting the appropriate people and interacting with their values very clearly, since creating the city requires so much trust.

When he started this first co-working branch in Poland, the concept of online work was in a previous phase. Therefore, he was required to educate the Polish people through concrete showcases and instances. When he began to create a smart city in 2012, around nobody understand what it was, and he was subject to several wrong indictments of creating a utopia and so on. Then he became a professional on the global level and city creation to prove them wrong.

He and his team did everything with resources, valued a better career, and succeeded in several locations as social inventors in schools, giving the smart city and tech professionals with other disciplines like fintech, psychology, and gaming. To form trust, this was necessary to interact truthfully and directly with all shareholders, from the poorest to the richest. They pay attention to young people to make them inventive and create new concepts and startups for their cities and the future globally.

They worked to create a strategic direction toward a smart nation strategy for several years, and this is the reason that they thought it through. Therefore, they understand the ways to create a nation’s methods without anything. They are a very light corporation or unit majorly depending on the district engagement as in Poland. They already have over 12,000 remarkable members of the NEOS. Moreover, they can swiftly and directly interact with everybody about new concepts, targets, and accomplishments.

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