Smart Service Portal: Change the Future Of Travel And Tourism

Mohammed Al Mazrouei, an Emirati entrepreneur started a global Emirati travel and tourism podium, the first of its type in the globe known as “Smart Service Portal”. This is specializing in electronic brokerage in the travel and tourism field, providing its services from “Fambo” application and website, which is the first of such type across the nation, connecting service providers with clients across the globe.

The website provides a range of services like hotel and airline reservations, as the site has over 100,000 hotels, and also involves car rental services.

Al Mazrouei invented virtual tour services all over the globe because traveling is so hard because of COVID-19. Tours can be done by booking by the Smart Service Portal medium, and tours are conducted under the oversight of a tour guide.

Mohammed Al Mazrouei launched its business in 2019 by granting a business license from Dubai authorities. He experienced GITEX Technology Week 2020 and introduced their services and platform to all travelers to promote it and to advantage from their experience and feedback.

Mohammed Al Mazrouei is representing his company in the Future Innovation Summit which is the major governmental exhibition and conference arranged in the trade of the private office. His goodness gave a speech to the audience, in which he said about the challenges, the future, and the form of travel and tourism in the future. He singled out the virtual tour project, which is an answer to the challenges of travel, as he declared how virtual travel is, a project that attracted the concentration of the attendees.

If you are in need of a travel and tourism industry then Smart Service Portal will delight you. Through its platforms, clients are able to book airline tickets and search hotel rooms. They also act in the car rental to and from elsewhere in the globe, and in tourism attachment, they also provide online tour booking medium and tour guides.

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