Steps to Get an E-Scooter Permit in Dubai 

What is an E-Scooter? 

E-scooters have accomplished popularity in the United Arab Emirates in the past two years. This is a kind of personal portable, weightless electric vehicle that gives quick, comfortable, and short-range transportation. The maximum pace of an E-scooter is almost 20km/h. This emits zero emission which is why this is one of the very stable methods of transport. This has two wheels and utilizers can ride them while standing.

Where is it available in Dubai? 

The Dubai Roads and Transport Authority has formed E-scooters obtainable in 10 spots of the Dubai emirate – Dubai Internet City, Mohammed Bin Rashid Boulevard, 2nd of December Street, Al-Raqqa, City walk, JLT, Palm Jumeirah, and a few spots in – Al Qusais, Al Karama, and Al Mankhool. Nearly 2,000 E-scooters are obtainable for rent in Dubai today. There are namely 4 E-scooter renting corporations in this emirate – Terre, Rabbit, Lime, and Skert. As per the RTA, scooters supplied by these corporations must be utilized on the committed E-scooter tracks.

Laws regarding E-scooters in Dubai 

According to the resolution sanctioned by HH Sheikh Hamdan Bin Mohammed, Crown Prince of the Dubai emirate, E-scooter users who wish to utilize the ten established streets should have an E-scooter approval. Although, in case you are riding your E-scooter on the sidewalks or cycling tracks, you don’t require one. Similarly, in case you have a driving license, a global driving license, or a motorcycle license, you can use E-scooters on the designated streets without approval.

How to get an E-scooter permit? 

Needed documents 

  1. A valid ID number of Emirates. 
  1. Mobile number 
  1. Passport details. (For visitors)

Step 1 – Fill out the application form 

  1. Go to the link to fill out the form.
  • Click on apply now
  • This would ask you in case you have an emirates ID and present you with two choices – yes, I’ve Emirates ID. No, I am a visitor.
  • In case you are a tenant, kind in your emirates ID number and the date of expiry.
  • After filling in your Emirates ID information, fill out your mobile number. You would then get an OTP through a message. Type the OTP form is now invalid.
  • The application form is now finished. Then you would lead to the online theory lecture.

Step 2 – Complete the online theory course 

Once you’ve done the application, you would be led to the online portal, where you would need to meet the online theory lectures. The lectures contain ten topics about technical specifications, norms of scooters, duties of the purposes, and the spots where you are permitted to utilize the student. The course also educates utilizers on traffic signs, particularly signs particular to E-scooter utilizers

Step 2 – Take the test 

The theory test can do completed online after you have done the ten online lectures. As per the RTA, this would take you around 20 minutes to take the test. You have to range around 75% to clear the test.

Step 4 – Receive the E-scooter permit 

As per the RTA, once you have cleared the online theory test, you would get an electronic approval for the E-scooter license via the RTA official website. Once you get the permit, you should download it and save it to your mobile.

How to rent E-scooters in Dubai? 

As specified above, there are 4 corporations to rent an E-scooter in the emirate. Download and open any of the applications, once opened, this would automatically demonstrate the scooter spots in your location. In case you aren’t able to see any scooter icons on the map, zoom out to hunt in a huge spot. After getting the location, scan the QR code in the two-wheelers and begin your ride. Once you have completed, park the scooter at your location, and use the app to stop the meter, at which point you will be able to make the payment.

Cost of an E-scooter 

To unlock an E-scooter for rent, you should make a payment of around AED0.5 for every minute you utilize it. You can also purchase E-scooters in the emirate for AED 1,7000 to AED 3,000 based on the model.

Rules you should follow – 

  • You must be almost 16 years old.
  • You must wear a helmet.
  • The speed limit for E-scooter in Dubai is 20k/h.
  • Park your scooter at the designated parking spots.
  • Do not utilize or leave the E-scooter in a manner that obstructs the movement of vehicles or pedestrians.
  • Leave sufficient safety distance between your and other bikes and pedestrians.
  • Utilize the scooter solely and do not carry any other passengers.
  • Comply with the instructions, rules, and warning signs on the tracks.
  • Don’t operate the dual speakers when operating the electric scooter.
  • Don’t drive beyond the lanes of the electric and shared lanes.
  • Wear the right shoes and clothes.
  • When crossing pedestrian crossings, leave the scooter and follow the traffic rules.

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