Story of a Chinese Businessman in Dubai

Wan Wenhui, a Chinese, came to Dubai for the first time in 2001 and worked as the chef of the Tai Chi restaurant at the newly started Wafi shopping mall. At the age of 32, he saw an opportunity that made him committed to succeeding in the vibrant city. 20 years later, with a lot of effort, Wan Wenhui run out many commercial activities successfully, comprising gardening materials and many car repair workshops.

At the same time, he also vigorously encouraged the trade rapport between China and the UAE, and work as the chairman of the Jiangxi Provincial Committee of Industry and Commerce. Wan Wenhui assumes that his success can be attributed to the open policy of the UAE and its own Chinese brand and small profits but the fast turnover method.

Wan Wenhui also stated that when he and other Chinese businessmen began doing business in the country at the starting of the 21st century, most of them began trading construction materials, but now they are more concentrated on large and medium manufacturing.

Wan Wenhui is from Jiangxi, a region in China, with a rural vista of rice sectors, mountains, and rivers. When he came into this emirate, he first served as a chef in a restaurant. He worked in the kitchen for 2 years, he left his job and launched his first business. His next experience is associated with landscape materials to hundreds of clients, and they formed a plastic flower pot factory in China and gave materials to more clients. To diversify his business, he also opened two car repair workshops.

Wan Wenhui stated that he has three simple rules of doing business – first, treat clients truthfully; second, provide the most suitable client service so they would be loyal to you; third, adhere to the method of, small benefits but fast turnover. He also said that he was able to grow as Dubai is very passionate.

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