Sujata Arora A Mentor for Students

Ms. Sujata Arora is the owner and director of HireIndians and Smartboxmedia. She became an inspiration for several – a founder, an entrepreneur, and a coach. Sujata was born in Chandigarh into a simple Punjabi family with a strong work ethic. She said that her father is her biggest inspiration of her. She explained that her father always believed in hardship and honesty, and this was due to him, that she acquired these qualities and chose to adhere to them.

Studying and traveling new things are her favorite things to do. Sujata trusts in getting transformation in herself and the society with her dream and mission of inspiring and budding more people in the society for entrepreneurship and making HireIndians and Smartboxmedia brand in the IT industry internationally.

She has got so much in such a short tenure with her hardship and commitment to the right approach. She understood her talents are earlier and must advantage the upcoming generations who are keen to be a business person. So, she has started “The Road to Entrepreneurship,” a course that teaches you the A to Z of entrepreneurship.

Miss Sujata explained – that in her career, she has been lucky sufficient to be awarded an “Excellent Business Women” by Ph.D. Chambers Government of India and achieved the chance to get several domestic and international awards featured in several media houses. In 2009, she began her first enterprise, HireIndians Infotech Pvt Ltd., from scraping without any assets.

Now, she isn’t only a successful entrepreneur but a role model for more than 100 workers. With offices in India, Europe, the UK, USA, and UAE presently, she plans to extend business in other global markets such as Australia, France, Spain, and more. The corporation, under her supervision, has witnessed significant evolvement, with its turnover extending many times over the very current ten years.

In 2014. She co-formed Smartboxmedia American INC to make its existence in the US market and target clients globally. She is also a partner in some other enterprises such as Blingnet, UAEtimes, Shotflix, Paperstone, Ebill, and more.

In 2022, started a course named Road to Entrepreneurship to rouse, encourage and lead more people in their entrepreneurship journey. Now is a time of automation which would take a large number of white-collar jobs in the next five to ten years. Stated Sujata.

Moreover, she says – “Nonetheless, we have only 10% Entrepreneurs and 90% working professionals, consequently of the limited mindset, skillset, and shortage of creativity. This course coated everything, comprising a remarkably effective attitude, making your belief structure solid, chipping away at your capabilities, and so forth. This includes everything right from overcoming your worries and suspicions in beginning your business journey, taking care of purposes and locating a business concept, starting and marketing, and scaling it to make it a robust and adaptable business.”

 “The Road to Entrepreneurship is my twelve years of enterprising experience of everybody of my processes or learning, methods and strategies reduced into a smooth, precise, and simple, actual still simple course.”

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