Tarun Joshi – Pioneering Founder of IGP, a Premier Online Gift Delivery Platform

Tarun Joshi is revolutionizing the online gift delivery industry by recognizing that gifts are more than mere transactions; they are an expression of deep feelings. Through his venture, International Gift Platform (IGP), he is dedicated to enhancing the gifting experience. IGP has positioned itself as a prominent online gift delivery service in the UAE, offering an extensive selection that encompasses rich floral displays, thoughtful presents, custom cakes, and meticulously curated hampers.

Join Tarun Joshi, the company’s energetic CEO and founder, as he takes you on a lively tour of IGP’s history. Enter the story and discover the obstacles, victories, and creative approaches that led to the company’s outstanding performance.

Tarun is an extremely talented and adaptable person with a broad background in technological entrepreneurship, angel financing, aeronautical science, and direct-to-consumer (D2C) sector leadership. He is in charge of the parent firm of Interflora.in and IGP as well as Join Ventures, the D2C platform in India that is expanding at the quickest rate.

Tarun initiated his career as a scientist with DRDO, contributing significantly to the design of flight control systems for India’s Tejas, a high-agility supersonic fighter aircraft. His professional journey is embellished with notable achievements, including the creation of the world’s first biometric ATM. With over 12 years of investment expertise at prominent private equity firms, he has actively participated as an angel investor in various Indian start-ups.

IGP emerged from Joshi’s unwavering commitment to establish an international gifts platform that goes beyond the conventional. The central objective is to craft enduring and memorable experiences for individuals worldwide. The overarching vision is to reshape the realm of online gifting and flower delivery by harnessing technology to forge significant emotional bonds.

Distinguished for its extensive array of distinctive gifts, IGP strives to embody the local culture and conventions of the UAE, providing a gift-giving option that is culturally resonant and personalized. The curated selection encompasses fresh flowers with a 7-day guarantee, premium chef-crafted cakes, and a variety of personalized designs tailored to diverse cultural backgrounds. Above and beyond, IGP’s user-friendly website makes personalized gift recommendations based on individual personalities and provides frequent updates on festive products from other countries.

There are several obstacles involved in starting and growing an online gift delivery business in the United Arab Emirates. Joshi continues, “Navigating the intricacies of the gifting, flower, and indulgent food delivery sectors in the UAE required strategic innovation.”

The lack of a well-established supply chain was one significant issue, highlighting the necessity of a specialized last-minute delivery network. Adapting to the dynamic digital landscape, characterized by technological advancements and evolving consumer behaviors, underscored the importance of flexibility and staying abreast of market conditions.

Joshi credits the success of IGP to their unwavering devotion to creation, a customer-centric strategy, and the adept identification and capitalization of emerging trends. Strategic investment in talent and the cultivation of an agile and innovative team have played a pivotal role in their rapid growth.

Ensuring a superior and memorable customer experience is at the heart of IGP’s ethos. The critical aspect is delivering an exceptional experience by understanding the importance of personal and timely gestures. Joshi emphasizes the demanding nature of the gifting process, where consumers often recall an occasion at the last minute and expect the finest products to be delivered promptly. This dynamic underscores the company’s dedication to meeting these expectations seamlessly.

As a brand, IGP has effectively recognized and addressed the challenges associated with meeting these high expectations. Joshi also underscores a perceived gap in the UAE gifting market, particularly the lack of personalized options. This insight has been pivotal in shaping IGP’s strategy to offer unique and customized gifts, filling a void in the market and resonating with the preferences of its customers.

Tarun Joshi reveals his personal favorites, emphasizing gifts that convey sentiments beyond words. He particularly cherishes personalized gifts for their ability to evoke deep emotions, recognizing the unique impact they can have on relationships. Joshi sees gifts as a powerful love language, enabling people to express their feelings in distinctive ways.

In response to the growing trend among consumers seeking unique ways to express emotions during special moments, IGP aligns its efforts. The company strives to strike a balance between creativity and customer preferences, offering a diverse range of gifts that cater to the individuality of each occasion and recipient. The emphasis is on providing memorable and meaningful experiences through thoughtful and customized expressions of emotions.

“IGP’s foundation relies on technology, overseeing more than 60 million visits to its website annually. Every facet of IGP’s farm-to-table supply chain operates through its exclusive technology systems,” affirms Tarun Joshi, CEO & Founder of IGP.

He underscores the critical role of technology in elevating IGP’s service delivery, with a special emphasis on logistics and customization. The creation of a resilient technology forum, involving substantial acquisition, paved the way for the formation of a devoted supply chain and allocation network.

By implementing a robust operational playbook, IGP seamlessly incorporates cutting-edge technology, and a globally curated product inventory, and has constructed one of Dubai’s biggest flowers and gifts showrooms. This strategic maneuver positions the company for sustained success.

In a pursuit to contribute to a more joyful world, IGP, guided by Tarun Joshi’s leadership, has integrated sustainability practices into its business operations. He articulates,

“We are committed to giving back to society and the environment. Monitoring the carbon footprint of each product, we aim to operate as a carbon-neutral organization.”

The meticulous monitoring of the carbon footprint extends to every element, even the flower stems in their bouquets, showcasing IGP’s dedication to environmental responsibility. As part of their unwavering commitment, IGP operates as a carbon-neutral organization. This reflects their broader mission to form a favorable effect on the worldwide climate, contributing to the prevalent health of the planet.

Catering to the diverse population of the UAE, IGP dedicates itself to enhancing relationships for over 10 million individuals in the UAE and more than 50 million across the GCC. The company goes above and beyond by curating an extensive collection of over 2500 gifts, meticulously customized to show the appropriate sentiments for each event and rapport. 

After successfully opening a state-of-the-art 20,000-square-foot facility in Dubai, IGP is considering the idea of opening similar state-of-the-art facilities throughout the MENA area. The goal is to consistently reinvent the art of giving, exploring new ground, and creating life-changing moments for a larger and wider audience.

As IGP sets out to broaden its presence, it promises to create treasured moments for individuals all over the world and is ready to leave a lasting impression on the world of online giving and flower delivery.

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